10 Things to do on LoveByte – #5


Here’s introducing our unique, one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before-on-the-face-of-this-earth….scratchcards! All you lottery maniacs out there, here’s a virtual ‘scratch-and-win’, and what’s more, it is free! Our scratchcards suggests different exciting and funky activities for you and your loved one, and we guarantee that not a dull moment will be present with these adorable little scratchies.

Ran out of ideas for a date? You can make every date a LoveByte date by sending these sweet virtual scratchcards to your beloved. These scratchcards come with suggestions (be it for a date or romantic ideas) for various occasions ranging from New year’s and Christmas, to regular Saturdays’ activity. So fret not, all you people who lack a creative streak, and count on LoveByte’s scratchies to add some fun and thrill to your dates!

Here’s how our scratchies work: imagine you’re expecting a morning text from your dearest and then comes a scratchcard! You smile to yourself as you scratch to reveal the content, wondering what new wacky activity he/she has suggested this time. Great start to a great day, sounds perfect to us! With this feature on LoveByte, every date can feel like your first, a never-ending excitement and heart fluttering experience.


LoveByte Team

P.S.: Our scratchcards could probably double up as rehab for lottery scratch-and-win addicts as well. #Justsaying.