10 Things to do on LoveByte – #4

#4 Photographing

Precious moments don’t last forever, but photographs can freeze a moment in time. With a camera installed on almost every mobile phone these days, it’s a shame if we are not utilising it to capture all the happy moments in our lives. Perhaps you have faced a situation when you chanced upon a picture you don’t remember taking, but when the memories all comes back, you’re thankful for the photograph that captured the moment.

Why not upload them onto LoveByte and view them while you scroll through a timeline to reminisce and relive your treasured memories?

Some ideas on picture-perfect moments:

1. ‘Firsts’ – from your first overseas trip, first roller coaster ride, first baking endeavour and first bowling game together,

2. Anniversaries and Birthdays

3. Events – Parties, weddings and formal dinners you all attended together

4. Random, “ordinary”, everyday moments – when you’re in love, even the simplest of dates, simplest of moments together aren’t dull! It’s definitely worth a picture no matter what. (:

Capture them all and put them on LoveByte so next time when you’re missing your other half, you could just go on LoveByte and fondly recall the wonderful times you had together. (: Happy photographing!


The LoveByte Team