10 Things to do on LoveByte – #3

#3 Reminders

In a relationship, there are too many exciting dates to look forward to. The longer you’ve been together, the more likely you’ve gone for more dates. And forgetting any of these dates can sure be disastrous. Especially for guys, we know exactly how your pulse rises and palms turn clammy as your sweet one tests you on another one of those important dates or places which you absolutely have no clue about. And ladies, no, we are not encouraging forgetfulness or your man’s apparent lack of detailed thought. Here at Lovebyte, we are simply trying to help you two avoid such unnecessary conflicts. We’re here to make your love journey sweeter, more loving, and one with less trials and tribulations.

This feature will be extremely useful for those who just can’t remember important dates, what with today’s hectic pace of life where we all are bogged down by demands from school or work. Simply record your significant moments under ‘Dates’, or save these moments under the ‘Milestones’ timeline, and there you go, all those first dates, your first kiss and more are now neatly recorded! (:

LoveByte will efficiently help you remember all the important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays and more, so download our app today! We leave the loving to you, and you, leave the recording to us. (;


LoveByte Team