10 Things to do on LoveByte – #2

#2 LoveByte, a secret haven

 Long to collate all your silly pictures and leave mushy sweet nothings on each other’s Facebook wall but too embarrassed to do so? Us too! LoveByte understands that most social media platforms are too public for couples to indulge in all public displays of affection, and so it provides a private haven for all you lovebirds. (:

Many have asked how our application differs from texting, Whatsapp, or even Line.  Well, here is why we are glaringly different from those mentioned. Instead of a common texting platform, the only inhabitants of LoveByte is you and your loved one. You and him/her, and NO ONE ELSE. We aim to let you feel the sense of sharing something private with your other half, akin to owning a private piece of the virtual world where only your love prevails.

Not drawn in yet? May we also add that having a private app eliminates all the possible chances of you sending embarrassing (or kinky) messages to the wrong conversation, something which i am sure happens to everyone a lot. Furthermore, Lovebyte is not just a hard, cold texting platform – it actually more closely resembles a virtual scrapbook-cum-diary. Apart from texting, you are able to add pictures, record important dates, significant events, and reminiscence on them by scrolling through the timeline! Imagine opening the app and seeing your adorable profile pictures, and then scrolling down the timeline filled with all those lovely, wonderful, and sweet memories…..it’s hard to imagine anyone not liking this app!

Tempted to spice up your romance? Download LoveByte now! :D


LoveByte Team