10 Things to do on LoveByte – #1

#1 Track your relationship

How many of us actually remember every single detail of our relationship? (Psst forgetful guys/girls, this is specially targeted to you!) Indeed it’s difficult to manually count the days you had been together and remembering each and every milestone event/date can be extremely challenging. Not to worry though, because LoveByte is here to save the day! (: Leave all that tracking and remembering to us! We understand that while your memorable moments and shared memories are important to you, there is just so much a human brain can remember. Birthdays? Anniversaries? Let LoveByte be your one-stop for recording all these important dates and moments!

Recording all the nitty gritty details will now be painless and even enjoyable with this application. To start, simply key in the date that your loved one united and add a profile photo of your choice for each of you and you’re all set! LoveByte allows you to leave a note for one another, add photos, or enter important dates all at once. The timeline format also allows you and your loved one to record the significant milestones in your relationship, like your first date, the day when you met the parents, your first overseas vacation together and many many more! In no time, a virtual scrapbook will be produced with every single event that took place.

We know how annoying it is to shuffle from photos to notes to dates just to look back on your memories, so LoveByte offers a timeline format that is one-of-a-kind (you cannot find this in other couple apps). Our timeline allows you to view your past memories and milestones comfortably and easily– simply by scrolling! Long gone will be the haphazard collection of dates, photos and notes that you and your loved one share. LoveByte will be your right hand man to being the most sensitive and attentive significant other anyone could hope for. Intrigued yet? Download our free app now to try it out yourself!


LoveByte Team