Adventurous April!


I believe you have seen this on our facebook page! (: Introducing Adventurous April, this month is for all you outdoor-lovers out there. Go on, do something daring (but not life threatening) with your loved one and revel in the adrenaline. Bungee jumping, rides on extreme roller coasters and mountain scaling are for you daredevils out there! Of course, if you’re a little less courageous in this sense (no shame in that, i’m personally like this too), you can always go for milder adventures. Travel to neighbouring islands for a short vacation or go on a road trip. There’s far too much to explore and learn out there. Stop cooping your selves up at home and give the outdoors a try. (:

While some of our date ideas involve adventures, we prepared others for those of you who aren’t exactly looking for a crazy adrenaline-filled date coz’ we understand that for some, any date with your partner is an adventure in it’s own right. (:

April Date Ideas

Head somewhere a little forbidden(but lawful) for a little adventure.

Rent bikes and explore new places on wheels!

Visit a local nature attraction.

Visit the indoor rock climbing gym.

Short getaway and scuba diving!

Catch a play/concert outdoors.

Have fruity margaritas at an outdoor cafe.

Biggest Loser couple edition. A workout competition.

Swap massages. You both know exactly where your partners need them. :P

Gaming Olympics at the arcade. Winners decide rewards.

Have a “progressive dinner”. Try appetizers, maincourse and desserts all at different places!

Dine alfresco at a rooftop bar or even at your own home balcony.

Make up rules to your very own couple games.

Volunteer to walk a dog together at a nearby shelter!

Paint Easter eggs!

Hope you like our list! Have fun! :D

With Love,

LoveByte Cupd :3