LoveByte is a mobile app that provides a private space for two to communicate, share things and remember precious moments.

LoveByte is a great app for any couple, whether you are having a long distance relationship, just met or already been together a few years. In our app you can easily keep track of all that’s important in your relationship, as well as communicate in a fun and new way.

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What can I do on LoveByte?

Our Story
Gather all your loving memories beautifully put together in a virtual scrapbook in “Our Story”. Just flip through the pages to reminisce all those precious moments. With time this becomes your most beloved memory box.
Spend more quality time together as LoveByte’s Discover feature offers a wide range of interesting date ideas and things to do. Scroll through the endless stream of content for fun ideas to improve your relationship!
Secret Messages
Make daily interaction more fun by sending your loved one secret messages in chat. You can choose to upload a photo or write a short message. Your partner will have to rub the screen to unveil the message.
Keep track of each others status by knowing your partners location, weather and battery level (so if they don’t reply, you’ll know why)
Chat with emoticons
Send stickers, secret messages and express your emotions in chat.
Send sweet notes
Notes are great to express your love for each other and write down your quirky little love stories you share.
Photos to record happy moments
Create albums and share your favorite photos with each other to remember happy moments
Remember important dates
In the shared calendar it is easy to schedule dates and set reminders so you’ll never miss an important event again.
Create shared lists to keep track of all the important things from household chores to bucket lists of what you want to do together.
Count days together
Watch the days inch nearer to special, important dates.

To learn more about us go to our website www.lovebyte.us


We love our users as much as we love candy. Your feedback will help us make LoveByte better. Talk to us on Facebook or Twitter or send us a note directly at support@lovebyte.us

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