5 little things you can do to improve your relationship today

When was the last time you did something nice for your loved one? Does your relationship feel like it’s stagnating? Maybe you’ve both been busy or you are just going with the flow. We know exactly how it feels like. Here are 5 little things you can do to improve your relationship. You know, little things (done on a regular basis) actually go a longer way than grand gestures of love :)

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Be nice
It’s the weekend! Ditch the boring routine and take your loved one to a place he or she has been wanting to but never got around to doing it. Visit the quaint book store she has been talking about or suggest to go get his Transformers collector’s item.

Speak nice
If you’re not aware, I’m telling you now, that if your partner looks good during your dates, it’s because he or she has taken the effort to dress up for you. A simple “You look nice/beautiful today” will suffice. For the receivers, just accept it graciously without asking “Am I not pretty on other days?!” :D Send messages of sweet little nothings telling her that you miss her and cannot wait to see her over the weekend.

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In many relationships, we often find a quieter person being paired up with someone more vocal. Even if your partner does not talk about his or her life, problems at work or home, it does not mean that they do not exist. Maybe they do not feel like they should burden you with their problems or perhaps they have been so used to listen to you talk that they do not feel like they have a chance to speak about themselves. So take the first step, ask him about his day and be patient if he has something to say.

A lot of happy couples seldom have major fights. That’s because they preempt fights from happening. If the conversation seemed like it was going to lead to an argument, someone would try to ease the situation. Of course, every couple will have disagreements. When they happen, tell yourself and your partner that these fights are less important than the both of you, resolve it quickly and move on. Honestly, when you take a step back, you realise the things you have fought hard over are very trivial.

Believe him when he says he is with the boys. Believe that she is the smart reasonable woman you first met and listen to her needs instead of thinking she is just kicking up a fuss over nothing.

Is it easy to focus at work when you are worried about what your partner is doing? Can you go to sleep if keep wondering if your parter lied to you?  When we trust our partners, we stop doubting and we can behave as normal functional individuals capable of a healthy relationship. When we have a peace of mind, the other aspects of our lives do not get affected and the relationship cease to seem so much like a burden.

Therefore, trusting our partners actually benefits us more than them.

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Stay lovin’.

LoveByte Cupid <3