5 Gift ideas for him

So maybe your anniversary is coming up or you just want to buy a gift for your loved one, but it isn’t that easy is it. Don’t worry, we have gathered some perfect gift ideas for him from our LoveByte Gift Store so you can buy him something special no matter the occasion!

1. Why not give him a gift that really shouts out loud, “I love him” & “I love her” with this couple sweater from our LoveByte Giftstore.



2. Cufflinks can really add style to any outfit, so why not give your man these classic black – n gold round cufflinks to enjoy on those special dates or occasions.  


3. Even though we think it is a lot easier to just update on LoveByte, why not write down your lovestory in this Couple’s story notebook. He will truly appreciate the time you’ve spent writing everything down and reading your handwriting remembering all the wonderful moments you’ve had together.



4. Is your guy very into star wars and gaming? Why not surprise him with one of these cool t-shirts from Altego!


5. Long hair with a pair of black leather jeans in chain and don’t you forget that guitar at the back. Sounds classy yet never cliché, maybe that’s just what your boyfriend wants?  Get him that rock spirit on with a pack of temporary tattoos!