25 Things to Do This Christmas

At LoveByte, we absolutely love the holiday season. Especially when the Christmas tree is put up, we know it’s time for fun and spreading cheer. Here’s a list of great activities to choose from whether you’re with your loved ones or somewhere far away this Christmas.

With friends and family:


  • Bake Christmas Cookies
    Have fun savouring the yummy snacks, but watch the calories! Bake up a storm with your closest mates and send your sugary creations as gifts to loved ones! Everybody loves a cookie.



  • Decorate a Christmas Tree
    It wouldn’t seem like Christmas without a Christmas tree.



  • Organise a Christmas Party
    Spending quality time this holiday with your dearest friends and family is a must. But planning a good party is not easy. Here’s a little guide to help you plan the party of the year!



  • Make a wishlist
    Take some pressure off your friends and family, and make a wishlist so that not only would you get exactly what you want for Christmas, your loved ones would have a much easier time finding it too!



  • Shop for presents
    We don’t like to admit it, but Christmas just isn’t the same without presents. Time to make Christmas complete by picking out that perfect gift to those you hold dear!



  • Go Caroling
    Christmas just isn’t complete without the holiday cheer in the air. Help spread the Christmas spirit by belting out a festive tune~



  • Make a gingerbread house
    Who would have ever thought that food could double up as decoration? Time to show off your baking and artistic skills!



  • Have a cup of hot chocolate
    Indulge in a sinfully rich cup of hot chocolate, as you get cozy under a warm blanket especially during this monsoon season on our tropical island.



  • Put up Christmas stockings
    Wake up on Christmas morning to be greeted with a surprise! Christmas stockings filled with countless of small gifts! This is an absolutely lovely Christmas pastime for adults and children alike!



  • Plan a Secret Santa
    Time to find out if you have been naughty or nice! Organise a Secret Santa with a group of friends and have fun picking out for your secret santa, and best of all, wait with anticipation to find out who your secret santa is and what he/she got you!



  • Ice skating
    Hop on down to your local ice skating rink, and maybe have some family time or spend some precious one-on-one time with that special someone!



  • Spend time with family
    Take this holiday season as an opportunity to spend some much needed quality time with loved ones!



  • Have some fun making smores
    Taste the sweet goodness of the melted marshmallows and relive your childhood with this festive delight!



  • Watch Christmas light decorations
    You would know Christmas is coming when the streets are flooded with lights. Reign in this holiday season and join the rest of the shoppers walking down Orchard Road!



  • Cook up a festive feast!
    Dig up some old recipes or discover new ones! There’s steak, ham, dessert… Make this a family affair and whip up a whole feast together!


For some alone time:


  • Whip up a batch of festive eggnog
    Savour some fresh homemade eggnog! Christmas comes along just once a year after all…



  • Send Christmas greeting cards to loved ones everywhere
    A small thought will go a very long way! Let your distant loved ones know that they are on your mind this holiday season with a lovely greeting card! Why not take time to send a handmade one?



  • Relax by the fireplace with a book
    It is hard to find some quiet time to unwind alone throughout the year, so be sure to take advantage this holiday for some me time!



  • Take a Christmas vacation
    Do you prefer relaxing by the beach at Koh Samui or travel somewhere with snow and Christmas markets? Wherever you go, remember to book your tickets early to secure cheap fares!



  • Do some volunteer work
    Get into the spirit of giving and serve the community by sparing some thought for the less fortunate in our society. Who knows, you could make a world of a difference to someone else’s Christmas season!



  • Give yourself a present
    Preparing for the holiday season can be awfully tiring so why not reward yourself for all the hard work you have put in? After all, you definitely deserve it!



  • Watch happy movies
    If you don’t feel like heading out, catching a movie might be a good idea! The Grinch, The Elf, Love Actually, New Year’s Eve take your pick!



  • Pamper yourself with a trip to the spa
    In the midst of all the celebration, don’t forget to relax and unwind. This would be a good time to treat yourself to a day at the spa to rejuvenate yourself.



  • Get matching couple tees
    It’s fun to go out as a couple, be spotted in matching couple T-shirts and make the rest of the world jealous about how lovey-dovey both of you are. We have some couple T-shirt designs here!
  • Donate old toys
    The festive season isn’t just about receiving; it’s about giving as well. This holiday, we should spread the Christmas cheer and help the less fortunate celebrate Christmas. During this time of the year, the Salvation Army can be see all over Singapore to collect donations for the self fortunate!



  • Give thanks
    As we celebrate Christmas, we should never forget to give thanks and be grateful for all that we have, be it for the presents we receive, the company we have or the love that we feel. Christmas would not be the same without them.


Remember to check out the new Christmas scratchcards on LoveByte. We have some fun dates ideas that you should totally send to your partner!

Give love and spread love this festive season.

Lots of Love,
LoveByte Cupid

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