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6 Sweet Surprises You Guys Can Do to Make A Girl Fall For You Even More

It’s important to spice up your relationship and make your girl feel special even when routines have become mundane and the both of you are super comfortable with each other. It’s a sweet gesture for guys to plan surprises just to see a smile on the girl’s face.

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Make it fun and enjoy planning. The effort will always be worth it :) Here are some ideas that we guarantee will make your girlfriend so happy!

Hearty Breakfast

Wake up earlier than your girl and get busy in the kitchen. Prepare her favourite kind of breakfast (or just buy take-out if you cooking is a bad idea :p) and let her see you first thing in the morning and begin the weekend.

Surprise Picnic

Find a place scenic and quiet. Decorate the place beforehand and bring along some food and activities to do. Eg. prepare some candles or light sticks, set up a hammock. To add on to the surprise – if she’s up for it, blindfold her and lead her there.

Sneaky Love Notes

Place random post-it notes with sweet messages for her to find throughout the week. Sneak one into her bag, in-between pages of her organiser, in her room. If her phone is accessible, add a calendar reminder for your next special date and tell her how lovely she is. She will find them during the most random moments and ask “when did you put them in?!”

“Sorry… I’m busy”

Show up when she’s least expecting you to appear.

Maybe you told her that you have an appointment and will be working late, then later surprise her by picking her up at her workplace. People feel most delighted when they are not expecting something. You will see a big smile on her face :)


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Snack Box

Gather information on her favourite brands of candies and chocolates. Pack them into a box and tell her you have something you need to pass her. Deliver it to her on Sunday night so she can bring it to work/school on the next day. She will feel so pampered – it’s a great way to a girl’s heart. Sweet treats always work!

Spontaneous Getaway

It’s nice to break the routine and get out of the country during the weekend for a short 2D1N getaway. Sound out her plans for the weekend without being too obvious, otherwise she might get suspicious. Then ask her to pack and bring her passport out. Refuse to reveal where you’re going. Let her mind go crazy for a while trying to guess the destination. If travelling overseas is not an option, a staycation is great too!


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