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How You Know You’re In a Committed Relationship

When you are dating someone new, everything feels perfect. It doesn’t really matter how long you have dated – it’s more important to answer that question in your head: when do you know… if your relationship is what it is?

A study by British relationship support organization It reveals what couples in UK see as a sign of a serious relationship.

The top indicator was sharing problems, where 50% out of 6,000 respondents cited that as one of their top three signs of being in a committed relationship. It’s interesting that this ranked highest, more than the other two: ‘being in an exclusive relationship’ (44%) and even ‘getting married’ (39%).


This suggests that couples feel closer when they share problems with each other. If you do not, perhaps it is time to consider communicating with your partner more often. After all, we feel more relieved when we share our issues rather than bottling them up. Life is full of ups and downs, and it makes sense to share your happiness AND troubles with the one closest in your life.

So the next time your partner is opening up to you… Instead of feeling annoyed, have patience and lend a listening ear instead. You will want them to be there for you when you need them too. Communication is key to successful relationships!

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