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4 ways to make sure your relationship survives when you’re too busy

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Irregular working hours, unpredictable weekends and non-existent lunch breaks can turn a relationship into an ordeal. Here’s some pointers on things you can do so it doesn’t have to be, especially when your job takes up the lion’s share of your time.

1. Prioritise your relationship.
Be prepared to bail on previously made plans with family and friends when your partner unexpectedly gets a slice of free time. If you feel bad about abandoning your other loved ones, arrange a shindig that both parties can attend (e.g. a family dinner or a double date with friends).


2. Keep the communication going.
You don’t have to be on the phone with each other 24/7, but a good way to keep connected is through text messaging. A playful snapshot or a sweet “Thinking about you” text is sure to keep your partner’s mind on you, but talking about events of the day (be they good, bad, trivial or significant) and sharing random thoughts will spark more substantial exchanges.


3. Set aside a fixed time for dating.
When your daily schedule is constantly up in the air, thanks to the demands of work, your love life can definitely use some structure. Decide on a day and time and block it out every week. This period of time, dedicated solely to you and your companion, should remain untouched.


4. Make the most of each time you meet.
After a long, trying week fraught with endless meetings and deadlines, you finally get to see your beloved. Don’t fritter it all away by gluing your eyes and fingers to your phone. Don’t let work or all that social media hullabaloo distract you from embracing the moment (and your partner). Every second counts.

When all else fails, at least you can still look forward to using your accumulation of vacation days (that is, if your company offers them). And if it’s any consolation, absence does make the heart grow fonder!

Stay Connected: Tips to Conquer Long Distance Relationships

Due to various circumstances, many couples find themselves in long distance relationships (LDR). A statistic report released in March 2015 revealed there are 14 million people in the United States alone that claim to be in a LDR, where 3.75 million of them led to marriage. With the abundance of communication platforms such as mobile devices and emails, staying in touch is no longer that difficult for couples living apart from each other.

Long distance love

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In a previous post, we have mentioned that LDR work successfully when built around commitment and trust. But, apart from these two important ingredients, there are ways on how can retain a strong relationship even when it’s put to the test by the distance you’re apart from one another. Here’s some effective ways to keep the flame going between you and your lover:

Play online games together
Keeping the fun in the relationship is vital for it to grow. But, how can you have fun when you are miles apart from each other? Thankfully, the Internet and computers made it easier for LDR couples to still be together in the digital world by offering online games that they can play as a team. Virtual reality games such as SIMS and Second Life are great platforms to show your closeness and desire for one another in the digital world. There are other multi-player games for couples that you can try if you can really work as a team even when you are under pressure. Loving From A Distance suggest the following games:

  • Monkey Snowfight
  • Moon Base
  • Tank Ball 2

What’s your favorite game to play with your loved ones?

Keep the communication open
If there’s one important special ingredient for any relationship to work – it’s COMMUNICATION. With the help of technology, being in a LDR is no longer that difficult. Years ago, couples had to write letters to each other to stay connected. Nowadays, smartphones allow us to be closer to our loved ones even when we are miles apart. There are top messaging apps like LoveByte, video calling features, and even social media platforms that you can use to stay connected. By keeping your communications open and almost in real-time with your partner, it’s like distance doesn’t even exist as it feels like its bringing you closer together.

Patty & Ben

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Celebrate like never before
You will only feel the distance if you allow it to take over your relationship. Forget about how far you are from each other and enjoy the good times like never before. Celebrate small or big occasions together, even if it’s only via video calling. Cook together, prepare candlelight dinners, and even add wine or champagne. Show that you can enjoy and celebrate like the old times. If it’s your anniversary and you can’t be together, prepare special gifts that you can send to each other ahead of them. Life is short. Enjoy the simple things and celebrate together as a loving couple would.

Just like the famous quote goes: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even if distance exists between you and your special someone, with the right amount of trust, commitment, and the rest of the items in this list – love can grow and blossom. What’s your secret ingredient(s) to keep a LDR successful? Share your experiences and tips with us below.

Contributed by Venus Mirabel

5 deal breakers that aren’t really deal breakers

This article first appeared on LunchClick – the first dating app that is designed to encourage offline, face-to-face dates. Download it today!


As much as we all have our own ideas of the “perfect mate”, most of us would have realised by now that they don’t exist. After all, our imaginations will always mislead our expectations of real life. And more often than not, it’s the insignificant things that we tend to lose sleep over.

Here are 5 of them:


1. She’s vegetarian

Dietary restrictions or preferences are less of a big deal than you think. Sure, you’ll never be one of those couples that will be able to polish off half the menu at Carnivore. But perhaps you might want to show your love in a different way – by giving his/her food a shot. You might like it. And small gestures like that will go a long way.


2. He spends every Friday night playing video games

A relationship does not mean the end of all personal space. We all have routines and ‘me time’ activities that we stick to. As much as we would love to be that couple hanging out in a chic bar on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, remember that you both had your own lives before you got together.


3. She spends too much time wanting to take selfies

We all have habits that our partners can’t stand. That’s to be expected. Sit down, talk about it and compromise. Agree that you will entertain each other’s whims but know also when you should back down so your relationship doesn’t just exist on your terms. It isn’t all about you!


4. He should have stuck with his previous job which was more stable and paid more, not this new one that he actually likes but had to take a pay cut for!

Every once in a while, people make choices that prioritise their happiness over all else. Learn to share in that happiness. Try to ignore the fact that you have house loans to pay. Money can be earned; happiness, not so much. And a relationship needs happiness to work, not money.


5. She doesn’t read as much as I would like her to

Opposites attract. That’s the truth. Try to look at your hobbies as opportunities to explore new things together. If she doesn’t like to read, introduce her to a magazine that you like. Start small. In turn, try to appreciate something that she likes, and get her to guide you through it.


With relationships, it’s always easy to end up sweating the small stuff. Arguments make it a lot worse, because all of a sudden, every tiny thing becomes intolerable. Try to remember that personality differences are always opportunities to grow together, not apart.