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LoveByte Couple: Brielle & Yasayasha

We discovered a super cute LoveByte couple, Brielle and Yasayasha, who participated in our recent #lovebyte14days challenge to improve their relationship – and here, we have the chance to write about their story… :)

How long have the two of you been together?
We’re still a new couple – it’s only been 225 days. We will celebrate our 8th month together on 11 July 2015. (^w^)

Brielle Chan

How did you both meet?
We met by some unbelievable coincidence on the campus orientation. So he was a senior, 2 year older, in charge of my group. Don’t know why we’re like having the same feeling for that one day. Somehow I knew that he will be with me someday, and he felt the same way! Who knew that it worked since we’re not the “relationship type” of person. We’ve chatted about this and we’re like; “yeah, being single is the best…”. We do like to be single all the way, but this time is different, truly different :3
And so from that orientation day, we build up a friendly bond between us and the feeling starts to grow and grow! (^_^) Until about 3 months later, he confess his love on 03-11-14, at a garden of our campus. It was really sweet how he did it but I told him to wait and give me for like a week to think about it. On the way of “waiting”, we kept giving each other a letter. It was actually a letter about our feeling and also revealing every thoughts about this relationship before we really be together. Finally, I answered him with a “YES” letter on 11-11-14 which is my favourite number and also the official Pepero Day! *We actually knew this from one of the LoveByte posts.

What do you use LoveByte for mostly?
We use every feature that Lovebyte has like; photos, date reminder, notes and the new feature: List. It’s a very useful feature because you can make a list whether if it’s a wish list or a list that you want to share with your partner. I like the idea of this feature! :D Both of us enjoy storing all the many, fun date ideas that we have. 

LoveByte lists

What is your favourite date activity?
We love to snuggle ( ^w^)(^w^ )! Especially while we’re watching a movie. We also love to chit-chat about almost everything that we’ve experience in our day. We can talk about anything to each other like the bad stuffs we’ve encountered, good things that happened, interesting information, gossip.. anything under the sun!

Even though we can still meet at campus everyday, we still each other at night. It’s like we can never get tired of talking, because we feel so comfortable with each other. *This is actually funny because I am quite shy but somehow, I can really be a talkative person around him. I can feel that he’s my comfort zone since I know I can discuss about anything with him and he didn’t mind that at all :”)

What’s one challenge you have overcome as a couple?
Like many of normal relationships, we have a few problems that have happened along the way. Having problems doesn’t aways mean it’s negative, it actually makes your bond stronger and also to become more mature on facing another problems.

LoveByte app

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?
The LoveByte app is like a world of us, no one else. It’s really nice to have a personal moments together like that stored in one place. It helps us to keep our memories together, stored many of our stories (kinda like a journal), captured special moments, and a reminder of how long have we been together :)

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?
For us, communication is the most important key to have a great relationship. It’s a bond that you can build, especially with your significant other. be surely that your partner is the most person you can communicate with because one day he/she is gonna be your partner forever. When you’re getting old, the only person that you can talk to is him/her :3

How did you know he was “the one”?
To be honest, I can’t fully explain this because even myself don’t understand how it works, how love works. At first, I like him because knowing that he’s kinda similar with my big brother’s style. That’s the first point that catches my attention. But on the way now, I realized that I have no more reason to explain why I love him so much and knowing that he’s the one. The only thing I know now is that I wanna keep taking care of him and loving him because I believe that he is the one for me :)

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

Have a Checklist When Finding Your Soulmate

This article is originally posted on LunchClick.


Just like Lane Daniels, Hilary Duff’s character in Beauty and the Briefcase, we’re all looking for our magic men – one with the brains, brawn, and beyond. While Lane aspires for a spontaneous, style-savvy lover with a sexy accent and drops witty statements on the tip of his tongue, we may have other priorities. It’s always great to you know what you want, but if you’ve got 101 items on your checklist, you might as well head to the lab and take matters into your own hands.

As you come back down to Earth, we’ve rounded up a few pointers on creating a more effective checklist that doesn’t leave you empty-handed and crestfallen.



#1: Do know what your absolute deal-breakers are

Whether for religious, racial or personal reasons, these red flags should be reserved for ultimate no-exceptions traits. Perhaps you could never date a smoker because you don’t have the tolerance for tobacco, or, on a more severe scale, an addict because that’s a can of worms you’re not willing to open.

#2: Do know what your absolute needs are

On the other hand, there are certain things you require in a partner. Note that it should be a need, not a want. Some of the obvious ones that don’t come with wiggle room include mutual love and moral sense.


#3: Do aim for characteristics that are key ingredients to a lasting relationship

For instance, loyalty, respect, kindness, compassion, selflessness… the list goes on. The point is to find someone who is committed to going the distance with you through the hills and valleys till death makes its inevitable claim.


#1: Don’t make physical goals

The last thing you’d want to base your relationship on is a seductive set of rock-hard abs that could and most certainly would eventually fade away. Nonetheless, that’s not to say you should place physical attraction entirely on the back burner.


#2: Don’t make material goals

Say you only date millionaires. What could happen? Well, not only will you be limiting yourself to the handful of upper class fat cats and moneybags, you’ll also be developing a shallow affair. When there’s nothing left in this world, you’d want a companion you can live with, even in poverty.

#3. Don’t pull their family and friends into the picture

Don’t go steady with someone just because Oprah is a personal friend or distant aunt. Likewise, don’t pull the plug because you abhor their nettlesome relatives. Remember, you’re not pursuing the people around them.

The bottom line is to avoid being unrealistic and overreaching. At the end of the day, if the attraction is there, your checklist could probably afford some flexibility. Because hey, when love happens, it happens – as trite as it sounds.

5 Relationship Hacks For an Everlasting Honeymoon Period In Your Relationship

This article is brought to you by ShopBack, originally posted on LunchClick.

It’s sad that the honeymoon phase of every relationship is so temporal. Sooner or later, that giddy, butterflies-in-your-tummy, blush-y, and slightly obsessive-compulsive feeling you get when you think about your significant other will ebb away. But even if you’ve gotten all comfortable around your guy or girl, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your *spark* has to fizzle out. Read on to find out more!

1. Surprise them at work


Nothing will brighten your partner’s day more than a sweet surprise. Here’s what to do: Pack a lunch comprising of their favourite treats, and turn up at their office unexpectedly – but prior to this, you may have to do a little conspiring with his/her colleagues to make sure that your partner isn’t in a lunch meeting. We guarantee that your partner will be beaming with happiness for the rest of the day!

#2: Send them little messages throughout the day


Along with stability in a relationship comes stagnation in the romance department. Where you once exchanged texts endlessly until the wee hours of the night, and argued about who loves who more, you may now no longer bother to express your love to each other. But that shouldn’t be the case! Inject more romance and life into your relationship by continuing to affirm your love for each other – have fun phone conversations, or even write a cute note and leave it somewhere that they’re bound to pass by. It’ll do wonders for your relationship!

#3: Make them a playlist to listen to


Everyone loves music, so why not take your cue from John Cusack in Say Anything? We’re not saying that you have to go the whole hog and actually drive up to your bae’s door carrying a boombox on you – there are plenty of alternatives that are more suited for modern day, such as burning a CD to pop into their car player for a little rush hour surprise, or sending them a Spotify playlist specially crafted from songs that you think they’ll like.

#4: Dress to impress


You have been together for a good while now, so I guess it’s acceptable to walk around in sweats all the time, right? Wrong! We have it on good authority (from our bestie Eva Mendes) that the secret to a happy marriage is not wearing sweatpants. But jokes aside, you should still make an effort to dress up once in a while – it’ll show your other half that you think they’re worth the effort, and they’ll also feel proud when they’ve got a good-looking partner on their arm!

5. Play hooky


Take a break from your everyday routine. Call in sick for work and sneak off to spend the whole day together. You’ll not only feel the teenage thrill of skiving, but you’ll also get some valuable time freed up in your busy schedules to spend with each other!

It’s inevitable that as two people get comfortable with each other, they get lazy, and the initial intense attraction fades off into something that’s less passionate, but enduring. That having been said, it’s really up to you if you’re willing to put in the effort to keep the spark burning – as you can see from our suggestions above, it’s really not that difficult. Happy dating!

In her own words, with love.

We were very touched when we received a message from a user a while back. Their 1st year anniversary is coming up and she wants to give her man a surprise. Yes, of course, we can be your messenger! This is Cupid you are talking to after all.

Here’s the story of Tracy Anne Capuso and FS San Valentin Jr..


It has been more than a year since we first shared our own love story in LoveByte. Guess what? It’s also been a year of a wonderful relationship for us! Hooray! Nothing makes me happier than to think that I am already with the man who I want to be with. Not just for this year’s anniversary, but for the rest of our lives. <3


We’ve known each other online for almost 10 years, and we met personally last April 2009 before we lost contact again a few months later. Who knew that after 5 long years, our paths would cross again. Do you guys believe in destiny? I guess, for me, I really do. I believe that we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to enter our lives for a certain reason. For us to have our chance again after 5 years, it was a chance to show and say what we wanted to convey and express years back. Maybe fate did its part, for us to be able to become happy together in each others’ arms once again.

1A year full of happiness and overflowing love is what I have experienced and what I will truly treasure for the rest of my life. Though we know that there’s really no perfect relationship, there will always come a time where in you will experience ups and downs, good times and bad times, struggles, problems, fights, arguments, sadness, hurt, and guilt. What makes it meaningful and worth having is when both of you resolve, overcome challenges together, which makes you both stronger as a couple, and even as a person.

Happy Anniversary! Hope that they can spend many, many more happy moments with each other and we wish them all the best!

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android: