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Action-Packed August!


Hi LoveByters! Have you fulfilled your new year’s resolutions? Crossed anything off your couple bucket list yet? This Action-packed August, get off your bums and get cracking! Let this month be the most fulfilling one for you and your other half, go to the places that you both always wanted, try the food that you two longed to taste, or simply skip those ‘chill-at-your-house’ dates and do something exciting together!

Remember Adventurous April? If you missed your chance to head out and explore, this is the time to make up for it. Do extreme things you never thought you’d have the courage to. Of course, this goes beyond extreme sports and roller coasters, read on for more!

Action-packed date ideas 

Bungee jump!

Take the scariest roller coaster ride at the nearest theme park

Scuba dive

Ice skating at a indoor rink

Paintball/Nerf gun/water gun fight – call friends and family along and form teams. Be on opposing teams and have trying to take each other out!

Horror movie marathon  – count the number of times te each of you screams/jumps in fright/shock! it’s a mini competition you both will have fun with the moment you realize how you’ve been laughing at each other. :D

Go for an open mic session where each of you take turns to sing to an audience you don’t know

Watch a 4D movie

Take turns to shout out “I LOVE <insert partner’s name>” from a window then hide so no one would know it’s you (:

That’s a short list, but I believe it has got you thinking on what else you could do this month. Remember, love becomes stronger with more time spent together. What are you waiting for? Let’s brace ourselves, rev up our engines, and psych ourselves up for a really engaging August!!! :D

With Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3