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Distance In A Relationship Can Be Overcome With Trust

Today we are talking to Olivia & Zach from US who are in a long distance relationship since this year January, here they share with us a little bit about their love story and how they make it work.


How long have the two of you been together? 

1003 days.

How did you both meet?

We met in gym class Olivia’s freshman year and Zach’s sophomore year. We had mutual friends and pretty much hit it off right away.

How did you find out about LoveByte?

Zach: I found out about it through Instagram with random people and I thought it was something nice for me and Olivia to do to share our experiences and highlight our relationship.

How/What do you use LoveByte for mostly?

Olivia:  I like putting pictures with the date of an important event so we can reminisce later. I also love being able to see how many days we’ve been together.
Zach: Mostly to see how long that we’ve been together, I’m not going to lie, it’s nice seeing an exact day count of how long you’ve been together with your significant other. Then also to highlight major events in our time together.

What is your favourite activity (date) to do together?

Olivia: To be honest, I just like being together with Zach. But I like going out to dinner and ice cream, then going home and watching a movie.
Zach: Probably going on vacations with Olivia, but even still, when we were together to relax on Sundays it was very nice. Even though we didn’t do much on those days I still loved her company.

Discuss one of the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it/still work on it?

Olivia: It’s difficult with him being across the country since he left for the military this year january, but we can still text, call, and skype which makes it easier. When the other’s person’s feeling down about not being able to see each other we always make sure to cheer them up and make them smile.
Zach: In the past was when we both didn’t drive and couldn’t just easily see each other and do stuff whenever we wanted and currently it’s her being back home and getting ready for college in PA and me being in Nevada for the Air Force.


How often do you see each other? 

Olivia: I went to see him graduate from basic training in march, and he got to come home from tech school in May, but other than that we’ll probably only be able to see each other every six months or so.

That can be pretty hard, what’s your best advice for other long distance lovers? 

Olivia: My tip for couples when you’re feeling lonely would have to be to write them a letter, call them, or text them and tell them how you feel. If they are unable to do those things, you can reminisce on your relationship, or re-read stuff they wrote to you, or even hang out with friends and family that will help you try to feel less lonely.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

Olivia: I like that we can look back at special dates in our relationship. Sometimes we sit there, go through it and think about the great memories we made/are making.
Zach: I like it because it’s a way to basically “brag” about our relationship. Haha

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

Olivia: Be honest with your significant other, no matter what; an honest relationship is a happy relationship. Also, always remember that you always love that person. Even if you’re fighting, that doesn’t mean you stopped loving them.
Zach: Have complete trust in your partner and cherish each moment together even if you don’t see each other that much. If you love each other, trust each other and have patience, you’ll make it in the long run.

/ LoveByte Cupid

7 Grounds Rules for Couple Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship. Therefore we have gathered seven ground rules for couple conflict so you can easier tackle the issues when dealing with a disagreement, big or small.

1. Don’t criticize your partner’s parents or friends

Whether they are your partners parents or their dearest friends, make sure to never speak ill of them since this is prompting your partner to become defensive. You know yourself how it is, your family and friends can tick you off from time to time, but they are still precious to you. Respect that, and try understand your partner instead and emphasize with them when they are venting to you.

2. Suspend judgment

Never start conflict with “What kind of person…?” This only creates a need for the other part to defend themselves or whoever you are referring to, instead of understanding you.

3. Do it sober

Avoid conflict when alcohol has been consumed. Alcohol affects your judgement and emotions and creates a tunnel vision which means you aren’t taking in other factors so you can understand your partner and try and work on a solution.

4. Be specific

Get your request down to 10 words or less. The fewer words, the better the chance of the other person taking the request on board. For instance, “I feel devalued when you criticise me. Please don’t.”

5. Don’t justify

Don’t say, “Criticising me makes me look stupid in the eyes of other people.” The other person can deflect: “There you go again, always worrying about what other people think.” Every word beyond the expressed need can and will be used as a boomerang.

6. Kiss and Make Up

By kiss and make up you’ll let go of being angry and go back to becoming friends and lovers again. Say you are sorry and acknowledge your partners feelings without justifying or defending your point. Give them a kiss and a hug and you’ll be able to move on from the fight without feelings of resentment or hurt.

7. Have a change of subject ready

This indicates the topic is closed, everyone is okay and now it’s time to get on with life. State your need. Short pause. Then, “So, which movie do you want to watch tonight?”

/ LoveByte Cupid

One-liners and Funny Bad Jokes to Send to Your Loved One

Joker June is upon us and there’s no better way than joking it up a bit and bringing all those old one-liners and bad jokes back into the relationship. Here’s a bunch from us to you to make you smile! A little tip, send them to your loved one as a secret message in chat, It will definitely add more fun to it!

Do you think we have missed any? Feel free to comment below to share your best ones

Have fun!

Are you a kidnapper? Because you just abducted my heart.

Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.

Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?

Knock Knock, [-Who’s There?], Ya, [Ya who?], Sorry. I prefer google.

I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?

I will stop loving you when an apple grows from a mango tree on the 30th of February.

You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?

You’re the only girl I love now… but in ten years, I’ll love another girl. She’ll call you ‘Mommy.’

Have you been to the doctor lately? Cause I think you’re lacking some Vitamin Me.

If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.

Life without you would be like a broken pencil… pointless.

What kind of flowers are on your face? [Tu-lips!]

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

What did one shark say to the other while eating a clownfish? [- This tastes funny!]

You are like a candy bar: half sweet and half nuts.

Hello how are you? [Fine] Hey, I didn’t ask you how you looked!

What did the mountain climber name his son? [Cliff]

Do you want to hear a pizza joke? Never mind, it’s pretty cheesy

Why shouldn’t you believe atoms? [They make up everything]

Forget the butterflies. I feel the whole freakin Zoo when I’m with you


Stay Loving!

/LoveByte Cupid!

So, You’re Moving in Together: Tips for Cohabiting Couples


If you’re about to move in with your significant other, you can breathe a sigh of relief. In a survey of 1,000 cohabiting couples, almost half said moving in together enabled them to spend more time with their loved one, and an endearing 32 percent said living together helped them realize they found “the one.” But before you plunge into the ups and downs of living together, you first have to tackle the move.

Consolidation Compromise

Consolidating your belongings will be one of the easiest adjustments you’ll have to make during this relationship changer. Determine which pieces of furniture don’t have a future at your new home. If space is limited, you’ll both need to compromise on what to take, sell or donate, which can feel like a risk for the person giving away his or her possessions. Sure, breaking up and moving out without a bed is a sensible concern, but moving in together is a risk in and of itself. Losing your bed or sofa is a material casualty and most likely, the least of your worries if you end up separating. Choose the best belongings for your new living arrangement as a couple. If you can’t part ways with that beloved coffee table, keep it in storage as insurance until you feel more stable in your relationship.

Declutter & De-Own

In any new relationship, you need to ditch the emotional baggage. Similarly, as you move in together, you should also throw away the extra baggage, literally. Reducing how much you own will energize and refresh both of you and help create a positive shared living space. Evaluate your belongings and free your life of purposeless possessions that inhibit healthy lifestyle changes and growth.

Permanently de-owning your meaningless possessions helps eliminate the desire to have more to feel fulfilled. Once you can remove yourself from the desire to possess more—once you can separate happiness from owning things—you’ll create opportunity for significant change to take place, shares Josh Becker, bestselling author of “Simplify & Clutterfree with Kids” and contributor for Becoming Minimalist. A more materialistically simplistic life reduces stress and creates serenity in your surroundings. Replacing stress with serenity will also help you maintain a healthy romantic relationship under one roof.

Go Pro

Carrying heavy furniture down multiple flights of stairs can strain any relationship, even if it’s just for the day. Make moving in together an exciting experience that isn’t tainted with arguments and exasperated sighs. Put the weight of moving furniture and boxes onto the shoulders of a professional moving company. With a little research, it doesn’t have to burn a hole through your wallet.

Collect a list of local moving companies and ask for a binding estimate (also known as firm binding or guaranteed price). A binding estimate will be the exact cost you’ll pay for moving services. Expected final charges won’t increase or decrease, whether or not the final weight is greater or lesser than expected. Keep in mind, an in-house estimate is typically a requisite to receive a binding estimate. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for special discounts and references. Check the company’s website for online reviews and ensure movers are licensed and insured. Good movers can even provide you with a list of packing tips.

New Home Essentials

Your new home will need a few essentials and a gender-neutral design theme (the pink peony shower curtain and Audrey Hepburn framed portrait will probably need to be replaced by a muted gray shower curtain and framed geometric artwork). Pack an “essentials” box that includes toilet paper, a shower curtain, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, a change of clothing and towel for each of you and garbage bags. Window blinds are a top priority for privacy, and make sure you pack your bedding in an easily accessible spot. Finally, don’t forget pet food and pet dishes, if needed.

Although moving can be an expensive change, set aside extra money to buy a few new items together, such as a fun kitchen gadget, new comforter to brighten up the bedroom or wall art to liven bare wall space.

We Should Be Dating The ‘Old School’ Way


The old school way of dating has in many relationships been outdated, as it is seen “uncool” to do. But there are several reasons why we should bring these dating habits back to life, even if it’s just for one night. So start dating your loved one the old school way, here’s why, and how;

1. Dress Nicely

Looking nice means different things for each and everyone one of us, so we are not suggesting to bring out that old fancy prom dress, but to just take some time and effort in the appearance so it’s not your everyday clothes you use for school or work. This is one habit that in today’s world has gone missing when people date. The meet-ups are today of the more casual kind where we show up in our everyday outfits. We should bring back the habits of when you spent time and effort onto your looks before leaving the house to meet up with that special someone. The time and effort and the different style marks that the other person means something special to you, and this is always a good way to start a date.

2. Pick him or her up at the door

No more text messages “I’m here” or “running late, I’ll see you at the movie theatre“. These are very casual and makes meeting up seem more platonic and casual. Go the extra mile of picking up your date at their house, showing up on time in a nicely manner. May sound cheesy, but it does make a difference to take that extra effort of going all the way to their house to pick them up.

3. Bring flowers

Bring flowers or another gift showing your affection to your date. Don’t be afraid that it may be “uncool”, you want the message to g o through that you do care for your date, right? This way they’ll have a memoria of your date as well which just adds a nice touch to it. You’ll know when they’ll come home they’ll see that gift and be reminded of you and your date night… It is definitely a romantic tradition needed to be brought back!

4. Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures such as writing poems or songs are really things that melt ones heart. Even though all of us might not be Shakespeare or great writers or singers, make something that you have put some effort into. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a handmade card or a small painting that looks like a 3-year old did it. When you have put time and effort onto it, that’s what matters.

5. Turn All Electronics Off

Turn your cellphones off or leave them at home. Take the time to truly spend the night with each other, instead of having that constant buzz of someone calling in the middle of dinner or texting you on whatsapp. Focus on each other, nothing else.

6. Go Dancing, Just For Fun

Today dancing has become all about “grinding” and looking “hot”. What happened to the classic dance moves that didn’t have sexual overtones where you just went out dancing for fun? 

7. Ask permission

Instead of assuming everything, ask for permission. It does make one feel special when someone asks if they can have a second date or if it’s alright that they kiss you goodnight instead of just taking it for granted.

8. Go Steady

Dating has become so difficult. When are two people a couple nowadays? No one seems to know!  The rules have changed and nowadays people rely on signs of being introduced as the boyfriend or girlfriend to other friends, or on Facebook to know whether they are a couple or not. Go back and ask your date instead. Do they want to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, or like they said in the old days, Do you want to go steady with me? It is a romantic gesture to be asked in person rather than assumed or being “asked” on Facebook .Even if you already are established as a couple, this is still adorable to ask!

/ LoveByte Cupid

10 Great Date Ideas for those warm summer days


The summer is upon us and this means great weather, sunshine and vacation! So what better than to move your dates outdoors? Here we have gathered some perfect date ideas for those warm summer days for you and your loved one to embark on.

1. Gaze at the Stars

Pack a picnic bag with some food and sweets and maybe a bottle of wine and head out for some star gazing at dusk. Download an app so you know what you are looking at, there are plenty of free ones both for iOS and Android. Discover the skies together and don’t forget to mark down those pretty stars you both enjoyed on LoveByte so you can make it a challenge to who will find them first next time you go out on a stargazing date!

2. Attend an outdoor concert

Especially during the summer and off rain season there’s a bunch of outdoor concerts and festivals around town. Check out when you have the next one in town and head over to listen to some great music and enjoy the outdoors.

3. Get Physical

Go out and go rollerblading, biking or try and learn new tricks on a skateboard. In a lot of cities or nature parks you can rent bikes or rollerblades if you don’t own your own. This date will get your sweat up and have some fun while looking at the sights, whether it’s in your own neighborhood or away.

4. Hit the Beach

This is a classic that can never go wrong. Whether you like to relax and just read a book at the beach snuggled close together or enjoy a more active beach day with surfing, paddling or playing beach volleyball, this date is always a perfect outdoor date. Go there during the day to catch the sun and relax or head out there at night for a late night stroll along the coastline when the beach is almost empty. Stay for the sunset for a more romantic setting and bring along some blankets and sweets. If you stay late, incorporate date idea number one, gaze at the stars!

5. Amusement Park

Handholding, cotton candy and all the fun rides. At an amusement park you can’t go wrong. Head to the funny mirrors room and snap some hilarious photos of yourselves posing in the mirrors, catch the most adrenaline filled rides you can find and play for prizes at the games.

6. Movie Night Out

Yes, we really mean go see a movie outside! Either find a park showing movies or your local drive in theater. If you can’t find neither or prefer to be more alone, pack up your own laptop, some blankets and snacks and head out to the beach or a park and watch a movie. Afterwards go for a stroll or stargaze and enjoy the time outside. Will be so much more special than that normal day sitting on the sofa watching a DVD.

7. Mini Golf

Go practice your put! Have a friendly competition of who can win at the local mini golf. It’s a great way to have some cheap fun and enjoy the outdoors. Head at dusk when the weather is cooler if you’re going in the summer, no point going mid-day when you’ll just be sweating away in the sun!

8. Go Sightseeing

Going sightseeing is something we always do when we are away, but at home we almost never do that, so why not take the opportunity! Go to your local tourist site or check out what lonely planet or Tripadvisor has to say and take a day out to stroll the neighborhoods of your home-town! Bring your camera and take your time noticing details and taking in the areas beauty. To take a more personal approach, why not go visit all the places where you grew up and take a touristic approach to it? Will surely bring you two a lot to talk about and be a great way to get to know each other better.

9. Dinner Outside

You have to eat anyway so why not take the cooking and dining out! Go to your nearby barbecue pit or have a barbecue in your own backyard. Enjoy cooking together outside and bring some chairs or blankets and just spend the night outdoors enjoy each others company cooking together.

10. Go Camping

Whether you go camping on your own balcony, backyard or actually head for the woods, this is a great outdoor date where you can spend the night stargazing, cuddling up together to keep warm and enjoying the outdoors together. If you head for your own balcony, just bring whatever you got at home, blankets, pillows, lights and make it as cozy as you can. You can build a fort using your chairs and pillows or just lay some madrases on the floor and bring pillows and blankets to make it cozier. Don’t forget some food and sweets for your adventure!

Which is your best Date Idea for the summer?

/ LoveByte Cupid


48 Ways To Be A Great Boyfriend


  1. Get to know her friends and hang out with them
  2. Be respectful with her parents
  3. Give her space when she asks for it
  4. Don’t gossip about her
  5. Protect her from things that might hurt her
  6. Let her be with you when you are with your friends
  7. Encourage her to follow her dreams
  8. Don’t invade her social networking sites or her phone
  9. Introduce her as your girlfriend to others
  10. Let her choose her favourite movies and songs
  11. Look her in the eyes when you say “I love you”
  12. Not be afraid to hold her hand in public
  13. Let her wear your sweatshirts
  14. Don’t let her go when she pulls away from you
  15. Call her because you miss her voice
  16. Dedicate her your favourite song.
  17. Crack jokes to make her laugh
  18. Be her shoulder to cry on
  19. Give her massages
  20. Buy her cute gifts every once in awhile
  21. Stay up all night with her when she is sick
  22. Get the car and pick her up when it’s raining outside
  23. Stand up for her when people diss her
  24. Let her mess with your hair
  25. Cook for her
  26. Remember anniversaries
  27. Kiss her on the forehead
  28. Hold the door open for her
  29. Tell her she looks (beautiful, gorgeous, etc.) before going out on a date
  30. Remind her of why you fell for her in the first place
  31. Start and end everyday with “Good morning” and “Good night”
  32. Watch her favorite movies
  33. Compete with her when she says she loves you more
  34. Notice and compliment her when she gets a new haircut
  35. Be honest with your feelings and don’t lie
  36. Share your food with her
  37. Listen to her when she needs to vent
  38. Don’t forget the important things she tells you
  39. Talk about her when you are with “the guys”
  40. Talk about her when you are with your parents
  41. Act goofy
  42. Yet be comfortable showing her your sensitive side
  43. Tell her your secrets
  44. Share with her your dreams in life
  45. Make a bucket list of things to do together
  46. Make her things
  47. Make her your #1
  48. Cherish her for who she is.

HAHAHA It’s Joker June!

Seen this cutie?


It’s Joker June!

Question posed by one of our little ones in the LoveByte family:

Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact? — Because breasts don’t have eyes!

Haha, we meant no offense! (:

This June, let your hair down and let’s allow our inner joker to surface (if you aren’t already the full-time clown) ! Inject some laughter and fun into your relationship by playing pranks on your loved one or by digging up embarrassing never-to-be-shown-to-the-world childhood photos of your other half and have a good laugh together!

After all, laughter’s really the best medicine to everything – and when I say everything, I mean quarrels and fall outs with your partner as well! Did something wrong? Made a mistake? Quarreled recently? Apologize and make your partner smile and laugh by doing something really funny (and sweet) so she/he would laugh at your silly antics and everything will get better. (:

Cheers to laughter and love,

LoveByte Cupid :3