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Remembering All The Smallest Things Keeps The Spark Alive

Hi LoveByters!

Today we have Tracy talking to us about her relationship with FS. You won’t believe how they met!


1. How long have the two of you been together?

We’ve been together for 168 days. We have this kind of on/off relationship that started 2009, if we wouldn’t have lost communication during the past few years, we would have been together longer. But now, that we are together again, we won’t let anything be wasted again. Ever since I met him, no one else is worth thinking about.

2. How did you both meet?

We both met as textmates! We have a common friend and he asked this friend if she could give him some textmates, I don’t remember how many numbers she gave him, but fortunately one of the numbers was mine. That was way back in 2005. I was just a first year high school student back then. Too young to get into a relationship.

We started texting and we got to know each other over a few months. We were not texting each other frequently so as years passed, we lost communication and he started to talk to me again around November 2008. And this is where we started to have what you would call “something” between us. As we got to know each other, I had this feeling that “Ah! We’re the same”, and even if we’d already talked for hours, the conversations were never boring and I didn’t get tired of talking to him.

2009 was the year for us. We texted and talked every day. We always stayed up late to talk to each other and sometimes we didn’t even notice that it was already morning! This was the year when we first met each other in person as well, and had our first date, just the two of us. However after this we lost contact again due to certain issues. But he never stopped texting me even when I changed my number or replied. And as the years passed we were both having our own lives, interests, careers, etc. and I thought he had forgotten about me, but he hadn’t and I am so glad and thankful that he never gave up on me after all these years.

3. How did you find out about LoveByte?

My friend uses it so she showed it to me. I also saw it on Google Play Store because it was featured. I found it cute and unique because the app is really for couples who want to get a track of what they have been doing together, all their memories, happy moments and photos. It’s also counting how many days you have been together. When you log in and see the days, you have this feeling that “Its already been this long?” and you just feel happy that you got to spend those days with your loved one. When I first saw it, we were not yet together again, so I wished that someday I would want to use that app, with him. And now, I am so happy that I got the chance to to do that. I thought that guys were not into this kind of stuff, but in my surprise, he likes it too! Whenever when we got home from a date, he always adds the date to the app and I will be the one to upload the photo. Right now, LoveByte is my most used app on my phone. I always check it, around a minimum of 10 times a day to see if he’s updated something, or if he commented on my post and if he replied on my scratchcards and chat. You just feel excited whenever there’s a notification!

4. How/What do you use LoveByte for mostly?

Before LoveByte, we were already listing our dates. Like where and when it was, what did we do, etc. Because I am this type of girl who appreciates those kind of small things, and I know that he also likes it. I want us to remember every single moment we spend together, all of our firsts, like the first time we visit a certain place, first time to eat this kind of food, etc. things like that. I know it’s a bit childish or funny but that’s what who we are. We treasure all these moments that we got to spend with each other. But sometimes, you just forgot to update the list and when we are talking and remembering it, like where did we go last week, what day is it, we are always quarreling if the one I remember is the correct one, or if his is. So thank God for this app. It’s perfect for us! You can add photos, dates and even notes. We use it as a track of all the dates and things that we do together. Now that we are using the app, after our date, we will update it immediately and also upload our picture together. All our dates, our firsts together are listed here. When I see our dates and pictures together, I just feel like “I want to spend more time and go on more dates with him, I want to travel to more places and explore more. With him”. I told him that I want to see the days spent together, photos and even dates reach thousands and I am so happy that he also feels the same.

5. What is your favourite activity (date) to do together?

Since our first few months together, I was still studying and he was already working. We could only meet on Sundays if we wanted to spend the whole day together. On weekdays we could only meet up after his work, and then we don’t have much time. We love spend our time strolling the mall while holdings hands, sitting next to each other on the seaside, talking to each other and laughing together, while eating his favorite shawarma.

We also like to visit places that were on my list. I am so happy that he is always there and game to accompany me wherever I like to go even if some of the places that I want to visit are kinda funny and unusual.  He always says that wherever we go, as long as he’s with me and we’re together it is alright. Of course, I feel the same way too. Even if we’re just at home, watching movies, talking to each other, eating.

6. Discuss one of the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it?

For me, it’s the distance. Being in a long distance relationship is hard. There are times that you really want to see each other and be together, but you can’t. You can’t do anything, just wait for the moment when you are able to see each other again. Before he was living in a province which is slightly far from where I live, so we were unable to meet as much as we would have liked. Since I was still a high school student back then, I was not allowed to go on a date and meet a guy. Whenever he had time and money, he would travel here so we could meet. All we had was our cellphone in order not to lose communication. But right now, he is working in the city so it’s a bit closer to here, around 1 to 1.5 hours travel only. The problem now is the availability of each other. We make sure that if one of us is free and available to do something, the other would do whatever possible to match that time. We never let two weeks pass by without seeing other, simply because we miss each other terribly. We do however support each other and understand when we don’t always have time for each other due to school or work. We have to prioritize and sometimes it feels like we have to make a choice between school and seeing each other, and it can be really hard. But we try to support each other and understand that sometimes we have to focus on our school and work and we will miss each other but that is fine.

7. How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

It’s easier to get a track on our memories together and we won’t forget all the special dates and memories we have together. LoveByte gives us the privacy that I want and we can talk about our dates together on the app, and we can upload our photos. It’s like our special place, just for the two of us. Also, it’s nice to see how he feels and what he says when he is adding a date or a photo of us together. Of course, it adds excitement, aside from getting a text or a call from each other. In LoveByte we can send notes, scratch cards and upload photos and this makes our communication more versatile.

We love to look back on the dates we’ve added and reminisce on all the shared memories together. This helps us move forward on those days apart.

8. What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

We know that nobody’s perfect, so no relationship is neither. You have to know yourself that the person you are with is truly worth fighting for, no matter what happens. Learn how to give and take. We realized some people never want to lose in a conversation, so the other part tend to just let them win in order to make them happy, but that can’t always be the case. If you know that you’re wrong, just accept it, lower your pride, and say you are sorry. Learn also to accept differences and each others flaws.

Make sure to keep in touch the way you did when everything was new, like texting a goodmorning, good afternoon, and good evening everyday, calling each, exchanging long sweet text messages, writing notes and letters to one another, etc. Continue doing this even if this becomes a routine, don’t get bored of it, you can add or improve upon it so you’ll never get tired. Don’t let the “spark” die between the two of you.

Trust is also important. If you really love your partner, you must trust him. Of course, we know that some are always suspecting of their guys or girls; they are formulating situations in their mind and sometimes become overly jealous and controlling. Before suspecting and accusing your partner, know first what really happened and talk to them. Remember that accusing and always suspecting your partner for cheating can cause serious problems in your relationship. Respect each other’s feelings and decisions is also very important. Respect each other, and never make your partner feel like he or she has to compete with anyone else for your attention. Never make them feel alone, especially when you’re there.

Just continue to help and inspire each other and improve on what you have started. Don’t let the spark die and always stay in love with one another


We wish FS and Tracy all the best!

Stay Loving!

/ LoveByte Cupid

10 Different Kisses to Give Your Loved One

There are so many different ways of kissing and kisses you can give your loved one. Here we have gathered some of them so you can mix your kisses up to make it more fun and to keep it interesting.

1. The French Kiss

The French Kiss must be one of the most famous ones. This kiss is not just pressing your lips against each other but it’s all about opening the mouth and giving it some tongue action as well. As long as both think it’s fine, have fun and have a go!

2. Eskimo Kiss

The Eskimo Kiss is a kiss that doesn’t involve the lips at all. Just rub your noses gently against each other and enjoy the moment of your faces being close together.

3. Kiss on the Hand

To kiss your partner on the hand shows your affection in a different way and is more a sweet gesture that they care about you. It shows respect, politeness and devotion and is a great way to mix up those kisses by giving your loved one a kiss on the hand before you go for the lips…

4. The Teaser

Tease your partner about kissing them but always stay a bit out of reach, give them one or two quick kisses and then pull away leaving them wanting for more.. Just make sure to do it in a playful way so no feelings are hurt!

 5. Tasteful Kiss

Play around with tastes. Chew a gum, suck on ice, eat something that leaves a flavor in your mouth and go ahead and kiss french style. This will give your kisses some flavor and spice it up!

6. The Angel Kiss

The Angel kiss is a very sweet kiss and means kissing gently on the eyelids or on a spot near the eyes using the lips. This kiss indicates deep affection and is commonly used to wake your loved one up or to say good night or goodbye. 

7. The Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss is often seen as a comfort kiss and it does really convey the caring emotions you have for each other when kissing your Loved One on the forehead when they are upset, or when they are in a rush.

 8. The Light Biting Kiss

This kiss is a very playful kiss but be careful so you don’t end up hurting your loved one by mistake! When kissing, gently bite on the bottom lip when pulling away or gently bite their tongue whilst kissing french style. Some love this,others don’t so make sure your partner is in on it.

9. Butterfly Kisses

This kiss is made only with your eyelashes. Keep your faces close and give each other butterfly kisses by fluttering your eyelashes against them. It gives a sweet sensation and is a great pause for your make-out-session. 

10. The Surprise Kiss

It’s just what it sounds like. Sneak up on your partner, or give them a kiss when they least expect it. It can be a funny playful one where you grab their neck and kiss and bite lightly or you give them a passionate french kiss while they are doing their chores. Either way, as a surprise it will be different!

Which kiss is your favorite? Or does your partner have a special way of kissing you that you just love?

/ LoveByte Cupid

Interesting way to put a twist to your wedding kiss

Alexis Tyler and Tomy Szczypiorski decided to seal their wedding vows with a little bit more than just a kiss when they tied the knot last weekend.

The handshake was taught to them by a young relative when the couple were visiting Tomy’s relatives in Poland. The handshake is apparently very popular among Polish children.

For Alexis and Tomy the trip to visit his relatives was a special and important time in their lives, as Tomy told The Huffington Post: :

Alexis was the first significant other of mine to ever meet my extended family. I always told myself that it wasn’t until I met ‘the one’ that I would bring that person to Poland to introduce her to our family’s roots. This simple little handshake was a great way to remember such a special time in our lives.

The handshake soon became their own as they added a new step for every big trip or other important life event they experienced together.

We knew that we would have to add a step for our wedding day, and what better way to end our new handshake than with a kiss! Our wedding kiss is now our eleventh step! It will be a great way to remember our wedding day and everything it represented for us.” 

Share with us if you have a special sign or a thing you always do with your Loved One!

Would you consider adding a twist to the traditional kiss to your wedding?

/ LoveByte Cupid

The First Fight Box

The First Fight Box is all about remembering what the relationship is about and how much you Love each other!

Before your wedding ceremony, when you are happier than ever and have all those lovey dovey feelings for each other, you write them down. You and your Loved One write each other love letters, sweet notes and memoria with all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place and how much you mean to each other.(without letting your loved one know what has been written on yours of course!)

On your wedding day, you seal the letters together with a bottle of wine and two glasses in a wooden box one nail at a time. You can choose to place your wedding vows and some photos from happy times together as well in the box before you seal it. During the ceremony you take turns hitting the nails sealing the box.

Once the day comes that you’ll hit a rough patch or reach an anniversary such as your 10 year wedding day, whatever comes first, that is when you open the box. You pour yourselves a glass of wine each and read the letters and notes inside to each other. This will definitely ease up the situation if you are opening it due to a rough patch, and it can come as a comfort to know you have entered the marriage prepared for this day.

It might seem a downer to do this on your wedding day, but all relationships will sooner or later reach a rough patch or have a terrible fight. It can be hard to imagine when you are newlyweds and happier than ever. But what better way to prevent unnecessary hurt and break ups in the future by writing down all those wonderful feelings you have when you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Going into a marriage prepared is a good thing and this box really makes you think about the meaning of for better or for worse.

Tell us: Will you create a First Fight Box or have you already created one with your Loved One?

Keep the Romance Alive, Regardless of the Miles Between You


Let’s not sugarcoat it. The pleasantries of long-distance relationships rival the feeling of dry shaving with a dull razor. It stings, it burns and it feels questionably worthwhile. However, unlike razor burn, LDRs can lead to happily ever after—with the proper care and attention, of course. While nothing beats face time with the one you love, go into your LDR with a positive attitude and an open mind, and you might just find yourself in the smoothest relationship you’ve ever had.

Virtual Date Night

Stop throwing pity parties for yourself as your coupled friends enjoy their geographically sound relationships. A Queen’s University study found relationship-­satisfaction levels for long-distance and “geographically close” couples to be virtually indistinguishable on nearly all measures, concluding that digital communication may actually be more romantic than face-to-face interaction, reports New York Magazine. Snuggle up to your sweetie via the digital spectrum by scheduling a movie night using the free cloud interface from Synaptop. Nothing says “I’m in a committed relationship” like watching a movie together, in real time, while chatting or video messaging in your PJs on a Friday night.

Digital Devotion

No more sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring or worrying about carefully scheduled phone sessions. Instead of hours of painstaking video-chat planning, use Lovebyte to build a private love nest online. Like a personal timeline e-journal, you and your honey can document precious moments of your journey together, share thoughts and surprise each other with love notes and written gestures. Post to your personalized account anytime, anywhere and communicate at your leisure without worry or time boundaries.

Classic Gesture

Unlike “normal” relationships, LDRs give you an opportunity to miss and appreciate each other. A study reported by USA Today confirms couples in long-distance relationships have more meaningful interactions than those who see each other on a daily basis, which leads to higher levels of intimacy. If you’re in a long-term relationship, this is your chance to bring back the romance. For newer affairs, now is the time to crank up the chivalry and make the courtship count. Sending a beautiful bouquet of roses is an age-old romantic gesture always sends the right message. Flower delivery services like FTD ship nationwide as well as internationally, with same-day delivery in certain locations.

Love Letters

Just as distance makes the heart grow fonder, it can also foster feelings of despair, uncertainty and doubt. Small tokens of reassurance make a big difference. While sweet texts and picture messages are solid means of communication, nurturing the relationship takes added touches of comfort. Sending something unexpected like a love letter via post mail is just the thing to make your loved one’s day. Apps like Cartolina Postale make it easy to send a real 4 X 6 vintage-style postcard from your iPhone. Simply snap a picture with your phone or upload an existing pic, and add it to any of their 32 whimsical templates. The app takes care of the rest by delivering your love notes anywhere your other half resides.

Love Arrives… On The Most Random Occasions

photo (1)

How long have the two of you been together?

 We’ve been together for 213 days :-)

How did you both meet?

It’s quite a long story, hahaha! At first i only knew luqman by name as he’s in the same football club as my schoolmate. Luqman followed me on twitter and instagram. So, one fine day, luqman started to direct message me on twitter complimenting on how good i looked on the photos i posted on instagram. He never failed to compliment me every single day till we started having a lil casual conversation through direct messaging. Finally, he asked for my number as he was having problems with getting notifications for the messages(i don’t know whether it’ was his pick up line or not…hahaha!) and thats how we started ;-)

How did you find out about LoveByte?

I (Diana) was browsing through the apps store when i came across the app

How/What do you use LoveByte for mostly?

We used LoveByte to post our favourite moments together or when we miss each other, either one would randomly post a post of us. It also keeps track of how many days we’ve been together & that’s what motivate us to keep moving forward together.

What is your favourite date activity to do together?

Most of the time when we were out, we’d definitely find a good place to eat. As for both of us, we’re quite busy with our own schedule. So, time wasnt really there for us to spend much time doing activities together which is quite sad though but that doesn’t stop us from planning more future activities :D

What is the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it?

For us, we’ve been through many ups & downs’ together. The most testing challenges that we faced so far was definitely the times when we have miscommunications & misunderstanding. It’ll definitely take us a long time to settle down as we don’t have the time to meet & talk things out. The longest we’ve been in bad terms lasted for almost a week.

photo (1)

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

The number of days of us being together is already something to motivate us to stay strong together. It would also sometimes strengthen the love between one another as we would post sweet things whenever we miss each other or whenever we want to express how much love we have for our partner. LoveByte has indeed been a great app for us to keep our memories alive! :-)

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

Stay strong together no matter how hard things are at any point of time. What’s a relationship without ups & downs, right? Plan more activities together & definitely make time for your partner no matter how busy you are. As for the guys, don’t forget to tell your partner how much you love them, how much you cherish & treasure them in your life. Don’t forget to thank your partner too for everything they’ve given you. Lastly, stay happy & loving together! :D

Stay Loving!
LoveByte Cupid <3 

6 Things That Make Your Love Story Unique

There are so many stories about your relationship that makes it just that, yours. 

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

In every relationship there is something special that makes your heart skip a beat. It can be cute imperfections your partner has that you just adore and can’t live without. It can be things you do together that you’ve never been able to done with someone else. The story of how you’ve met is one example of an important part which is yours and no one else’s and gives you two a special bond.

To share all these little things with each other is a great way to create a closer bond as you know how you experienced everything and thought about it when you first started dating. This makes it more special than just sharing the story We met at school or online. Have you thought about all those little things that make your story, truly yours? How did your partner experience the first time you kissed, or the first time you met? These are a few of the stories you need to share with your partner to make them smile and feel loved and to grow a closer bond between the two of you.

1. How you met

How you met can actually be two very different stories! You might think it is very straight forward but that might not be the case all the time… So try it with your partner. Have you heard them tell it or have you told your partner your version of the story? This is a great thing to share with each other by asking each other to write it down and then trade stories and compare. Write down everything you felt and how you experienced it. This will be a great memory for your future as well… Note little things, such as what you wore that day. how they smelled, where were you, how was the weather? All these little things can be so fun and cute to remember and write down for the future.

2. Your First Date

Your First Date is special. Full of tension and excitement. What did you do? Where did you go? What did you both wear? How did it go and what did you feel that first time out? This can all be fun and interesting information to your Love Story and to know about each other. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t love at first sight, in so many cases in life, that is not reality and do not happen. Even in movies, love at first sight is rare!

3. Your First Kiss

How was your first kiss? Awkward, a quick peck or was it a make out session right away? What happened, where was it and how was it? Did you go holy-moly he’s awesoooome or was it more of a disappointment the first time? Be honest and share it. This can make a great and fun story!

4. The quirky things you do

What are all those quirky things your loved one does? These can be cute imperfections, the way they say I Love You or what is it that really makes your heart skip a beat or smile everytime? It can be their accent, the way they smell stuff or the way they put their tongue out when concentrated. We all have something that makes us special so what is it about you that makes your loved one go all crazy, and what is it that makes you go all gooie about them?

5. The first time you met each other’s parents

Meeting each other’s parents can truly be a little bit like the comedy Meet The Parents with Ben Stiller. We shared some advice where we gave you some things to think about before meeting the parents, but how did it actually go? What did your partners parents think about you, you about them, and what did your parents think about your partner? How soon in the relationship was it and where did you go?

6. Hard times

Honestly, all love stories are never just sunshine and happy days, there are rough days too. Which times were the hardest in your relationship so far, and how did you overcome them?

These are an important part of your love story as it shows how important you are to each other as you struggled through those hard times and found your way back to each other. Maybe you did give up in the middle, and a lot of feelings were hurt, but you are still together so you must have done something right, and this is what makes your relationship so special. Many relationships grow stronger after these hard times, so they do define your relationship and are a part of it.

What is your love story?

Share it with LoveByte Cupid at and you can be part of our segment of Love Stories and Interviews.

Stay loving!
LoveByte Cupid <3

How to write a love letter


To write a love letter to your loved one really shows how much you care about them. To write one doesn’t mean you have to be an author or a great writer. The fact that you took the time to write it down is special enough for your loved one. Here we have gathered some things to think about to get you going.

Always be honest. Don’t think about what you should be feeling, and how a love letter should be. Write about how you actually feel.

Think about the message. Think about whether you want the message to say I want to spend the rest of my life with you  or if it’s just a letter to show them how much you have enjoyed your time together so far and how much you appreciate them. The seriousness of your letter has to match how you feel, so take some time into considering that.

What does your partner appreciate? Think about what your partner appreciates, if they are very romantic and serious, write in that tone. If they however prefer it more joking and humorous, adapt your writing style accordingly. You are writing for you partner, not for you so choose the style they would prefer.

Just start writing. A lot of us try and think of the perfect words to write, don’t. Just start writing and write down anything that comes to mind. After you are done, start editing, and you’ll see the perfect love letter falling together…

Do you feel overly repetitive? Go on to google and search for similar words for the words you have used a lot to mix it up a bit. There are more than one way to say what you feel, so don’t be afraid to look for some help. Just make sure the words have the same meaning in the end.

Pick your paper. Choose if you wish your love letter to be a digital one sent as a love note on LoveByte or if you wish it to be handwritten on a nice piece of paper.

Think about the presentation. Think about the presentation of your love letter, or the timing of when you send it on LoveByte. If you choose to go handwritten love letter style, think about the envelope and the presentation. For example buy a nice envelope, spray some perfume on it, and seal it with a kiss or a lovely bow. If you are sending it digitally, maybe you should not send it when you know your partner is busy at work unable to read it calmly. Send it at night or early morning so they are not distracted by other things going on around them.

6 Signs Your Relationship Will Last


They’re the first thing on your mind

Good couples view their partner as their best friend and communicate often. Whether something funny or sad happened during the day, you will want to share littlest events in your life because they are a part of it.

Your actions.

No moment with them is ever dull

Even though the ‘honeymoon period’ is over, you’re still as sweet as ever to each other. Of course, sweet surprises and pecks on the cheek are not limited to the first 3 months only. In the beginning of a relationship, everything may seem very exciting and you’ll want to do everything together. What about after a few years when you’ve tried them all?

They should make you laugh.

You work as a team and share the same goals

You have plans for the future together. Sometimes, it gets a little tedious and tiring with the mundane routine. At the of the day, you know that relationships are a partnership and efforts have to be put it to make it work.

You respect and trust each other

sweet surprises and pecks on the cheek are not limited to the first 3 months only.

You fight fair

Fighting everyday isn’t healthy, but never fighting isn’t either. You know what makes him/her tick. Sometimes there’s a mismatch in opinions. But when you do, make sure that it is resolved well.

Stay loving!
LoveByte Cupid

Opposites Attract But Acceptance Is Key


How long have the two of you been together? 

1514 days and still counting…

How did you both meet?

May be surprising but we met through social media. I added her on social media thinking she was someone I knew but after communicating, we realize that we had not known each other prior to the connection. It was a bit of fate and luck as I do not usually approach random strangers and she does not accept random strangers.

 How do you use LoveByte for mostly?

LoveByte acts as our own private journal. It helps us to reflect how long we have been together and keeps a timeline of the things we have done together. It also gives an additional surprise when we received love notes from each other just saying to have a nice day or the confessing of love.

What is your favourite activity (date) to do together?

This may be cheesy but any activities that we do together are fun and enjoyable. We never fail to make each other laugh. One favourite activity that comes to mind will be a day out at the beach where we can just have a picnic, reading books while basking in the sun and just enjoying each other’s company.

Discuss one of the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it?

Undoubtedly one of the testing challenges we faced is that we are total opposites of each other! We always have contradicting opinions on things and difference preferences when it comes to almost everything. Makes you wonder how we are together for this long huh? Well, it may be cliché but we guess that opposites do attract.

With all the differences, it does get pretty frustrating and arguments always arose, but we have learnt to accept it and accommodate each other through give and take and respecting each other’s opinions and views.

 How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

It adds a certain level of intimacy and privacy in our love life. It is like the whole app revolves around us and only us. We share our own thoughts and give each other random notes. Once he gave me a note, and I did not realize it until I opened the app to upload a photo. That was sweet. As mentioned, it gave us a timeline-like e-journal.

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

Communication and acceptance. We did not go through 1500 days plus together without any difficulties. Of course every relationship has it ups and down.

We believe that communication helps to make the relationship stronger. It gives both parties the ability to understand what the other is feeling, whether it is good or bad. By communicating, we can be more aware and resolve the issues at hand through discussion and accommodating each other’s needs. Communication can also leads to advice being given to one another when it is needed.

Acceptance of each other’s flaws is another area, which helps to create a happy and harmonious relationship. No one is perfect. By accepting each others differences and encouraging each other, we grew as a couple as well as individuals.

Stay Loving! 

LoveByte Cupid <3