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10 perfect and easy proposal ideas


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A marriage proposal is something you hopefully only do once in your life so you want it to be perfect and memorable. A marriage proposal doesn’t have to be elaborate and over the top, unless this is the way you and your loved one would prefer it. The most important thing is that it is done with the right intentions and honesty. Do remember that this is a story you’ll be telling for the rest of your lifes, so make sure to make it special…

Here are a few ideas on how you can do it:

#1. The classic First Date location to pop the question is a given hit as it gives you the perfect location to reminisce a little about the journey you’ve had so far. You can then smoothly change the subject to your next step in the relationship where you go down on your knees and propose…

#2. Another classic is to do it on your partners birthday or any other occassion when gifts are common. Wrap the ring in a box inside another bigger box, inside another bigger box and so on… We think you get the idea! Your loved one will think the present is very very large and as each box is opened, the laughs will grow. and eventually when your loved one reaches the last box get down on one knee and pop the question…

#3 Give your loved one a full body sensual massage, and save the left hand for last. As you massage that hand, slip the ring on and be ready to pop the question.

#4 If you both fancy going out for dancing, ask the DJ to slip you the microphone during the night so you can propose from stage infront of the entire club. Make sure to have prepared a short but full of love speech not to disturb the other guests too much so you won’t risk of having someone interrupting you whilst proposing.

#5 If you enjoy playing trivia games together, pop the question when it is your loved one’s turn and casually say “Your question is: Will you marry me?” rather than the question written on the card. Make sure to go down on your knee the second after the question has been popped and to bring out the ring in the box to show your loved one that this was a serious question to avoid confusion.

#6 Let your partner go on a sweet note scavenger hunt and place sweet notes in different spots around the house or outside. On each note, write something that you love about your loved one, and a clue or direction to where to find the next note. In the last note say “For all these reasons and more, I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Be prepared to pop out yourself when your loved one reaches the last spot and reads the last note so you can go down on one knee and do it properly as well.

#7 Slip the ring on your loved one’s finger while they are sleeping and wake them up with a very special breakfast of champagne and strawberries or homemade waffles in the shape of a heart with fresh fruit and cream. At first, the gesture will seem simply romantic but the real surprise comes when your loved one notices her new piece of jewelry. A warning though, this only works for loved ones who are heavy sleepers and don’t wake up easily! It is also a good idea to keep a back-up plan ready if your loved one would wake up whilst you are putting on the ring on their finger…

#8 Go out for a drink at a fancy hotel bar. When it’s time to go, casually mention that you’ve already reserved a room for the night so you don’t have to head home. When you open the hotel room door, have roses, candles and champagne all set up, so you have everything ready for a perfect surprise proposal. Or, give your friends the spare keys to your home and ask them to help you out decorating it whilst you are out, so that once you come back, everything is ready for a perfect and intimate proposal.

#9 Plan a surprise trip! Use blindfolds and circuitous routes to get to your location. When you get there, pop the question and make sure the location is prepped beforehand with something special, or bring along a bottle of champagne and roses. If you’re planning to stay overnight, don’t forget to pack a bag for your loved one!

#10 Restaurant proposal are always a classic and appreciated as well, so why not take your loved one out to a a romantic restaurant and make sure to call ahead and let them know your plans so they can help you make this night special. What some restaurants do is that they let the ring come in with the dessert wine or with the entrees depending on when you feel is the best time to pop the question. Some restaurants can write a special message on the plate for you or bring in the ring box along with the dessert tray.

Questions to ask your partner part #1

We have gathered some fun questions to ask your partner so you can get to know each other better. Send it as scratchcard or as a secret message in the chat to make it even more fun as your partner is in suspense of what the question is going to be!

Why not make it a challenge to ask each other a new question each week? It’s a great way to learn new things about your partner in a fun way. 


2014-02-26 08.20.40

#1 What’s the nicest thing you have ever done to a friend?

#2 What is the nicest thing a friend ever done to you?

#3 Who is your childhood hero?

#4 Who is your favorite celebrity?

#5 Who is you most hated celebrity?

#6 Would you like to go to the moon?

#7 Which animal would you like to be?

#8 Which super power would you like to have and why?

#9 Who is your favorite cartoon character?

#10 What’s the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Happy questioning! / LoveByte Cupid

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Proposal Idea #3 – Elaborate but still intimate proposal

Looking for an elaborate but more intimate proposal? This could be for you

We specially love that they’ve only used friends and family in an more intimate and secluded setting where you won’t receive hundreds of bypassers viewing, or disturbing your proposal. As they filmed all her reactions as well, it truly makes a memory for life for both of them.

This is perfect for you if your loved one woudln’t appreciate a public proposal but you still want to do it a bit more elaborate…


Ways to announce your engagement

So you have gotten engaged? Congratulations!

Now just to the matter of announcing this to your friends and family…. Since marriage is one of the most important and exciting decisions you’ll ever make, you want to treat it as being special and worthy of taking the time to do it right, it can devalue the event for everyone else around you as well if you don’t mark the importance of it by announcing it properly. So how can you go about this in a fun way? Changing status on Facebook 20 minutes after your partner popped the question is probably the easiest way to announce it, but not that fun maybe? Also, your friends and family might get upset that you did not choose to share this important event with them first. You also don’t want people to miss this important event in your life, so why not try and do it in style…

Here we have gathered some tips for you on how to announce it both to your family and friends offline but also on how to do it on social media. 

Throw a Surprise Party. 

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Invite all your friends and family for an intimate party or dinner and announce the engagement sometime during the night. Here you can go creative with the way to announce it as well, should you play a video of your love-story and in the end surprise them with “We’ve got engaged!”? Or maybe let your engagement photo be on display with a guest book next to it where your guests can write small good luck messages or tips for your big day? You could create a pop quiz around the house, with small hints on the theme for the night, such as white wedding frames, wedding magazines lying on the sofa table and so forth… and whilst announcing the winner at the end of the night, announce your engagement too!

For a pretty clever and funny way of surprising your friends why not create a pop quiz about how well your friends and family know you, and let the prize be a secret! When you announce the winner you tell them the prize… “Your my honorary bridesmaid/groomsmen (and by the way, Surprise! We are getting married!)” 



LoveByte GiftStore from 6.90 SGD /each

To receive a classic postcard today is rare thing as almost everything is sent via e-mail today. So this really marks how special this event is and the importance of your new status. There are plenty of cards out there to announce your big day, but our favorites are our 3D postcards from The Blue Pocket . Just write your own message in the postcard, such as “Save The Date” or “We are getting Married” and your friends and family will get a lovely surprise opening the letter as the choosen shape pops up and they can read your handwritten announcement. If you want to customize it a bit extra, add your engagement or couple photo together with the postcard.


The old Fashion Phone Call. Tell your parents, family and close friends in person or over the phone, and no, texting does not count! This is one that never goes out of style. If you live far away from your friends and family, why not tell them over a video call waving your hand with the ring on it to show your new status as a couple.  After that has been done, send out your engagment announcements in the mail and on facebook. The e-mails are a great way to also to let everyone know of the date before you send out the save-the-date cards to your friends and family,  if you’ve already managed to set the date that is.


So how to announce it on Social Media?

Well first of all you do need to change your status from “In a  relationship”  to “Engaged” on Facebook, but this is not that fun way of letting the world know. We’d suggest a photo or a video, showing off your new status!

Here are some ideas for your engagement photo!

Go goofy! Show off your humorous side on the engagement photo-post, and write a funny caption rater than just “We got engaged” To let your friends and family know your new status! Also, do remember that on facebook, instagram, twitter and so forth, it is not only your friends and family that will see your post, but also co-workers, old classmates, acquaintances etc so this could be something to consider as well before posting.

Photo from Pinterest

Show off the Ring! A classic that can never go wrong!

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest


Do a Photoshoot and tell the world your news using props!

Photo from Bellethmagazine

Photo from weddingpartyapp

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

The happy-Couple photo is another classic that can never go wrong and which makes a perfect photo to hang on the wall and save as a memory.

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest


A jumping photo showing off your excitement over the news could be the way to go to share the news with your friends and family…

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/ LoveByte Cupid




10 Fun and Silly things to do with your loved one

You don’t need to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy everytime for it to be considered spending quality time together (even though this is extremely romantic and fun too! ) The most important thing is to spend time and laugh together.

Do you still remember when you met and everything was exciting and fun?  Or when you were kids and ran around like crazy on the beach just laughing for no apparent reason? Let’s bring back some of that silly fun! Here we have gathered a few ideas that can give you some inspiration on having some of that fun again with your loved one, and to bring out the kid in both of you!


1. Play kids games. When was the last time you played hide and seek, charades or the Classic card game “Go fish”? Spice things up by adding a prize for the Winner, like a half an hour massage, romantic home cooked dinner or a luxury breakfast in bed!

Picture from Pinterest

2. Video Games. Video games are a great way to have some fun together. Maybe you still have some old Classic mario games lying around or maybe you just bought the new dancing game for your gaming consol? Get together and compete against each other in one of these Classic and fun games! Why not add a prize for the Winner to make it more fun or compete against each other about some household chores like who has to do the laundry next time?

Picture from

3. A day on the beach. Remember all the things you did as kids? Running around care free, building sandcastles, eating some ice Cream, racing your friends into the water or down the beach, having water splash fights and just enjoying the time there. Why not do this with your loved one? Who said that you can’t run around the beach like a couple of crazy kids even as adults? It’s guaranteed fun and will definetly bring out the kid in both of you.

Picture from

Picture from

4. Build a fort and have a sleepover. Why not bring out your pyjamas, flashlights, make popcorn and bring other sweets and build a fort in your very own living room. Use whatever you have in the house and let your imagination run free, use the sofa cushions, sheets, pillows, chairs, whatever you can find to create your cozy castle for the evening. Spend the night in your fort just as you would have done as kids. Read to each together, play kids games, bring out those old comic books or watch a movie marathon together.

Picture from Pinterest

5. Visit an amusement park. Go for an amusement park and make it a challenge to ride every ride at least once! Go for the games and try to win that 1st prize! Take funny pictures with the kids mascots, go for the scariest ride in the park and scream your lungs out and just laugh until you cry. Just enjoy yourselves and go a bit silly!

Photo from The Guardian

6. Bake a cake. Bake something together and go all in on the design and look of the cakes. For example, make cupcakes and make as many variations as you can think of or find online. Buy frosting, sprinkles,cream, you name it and try not to make two cupcakes look the same!

Picture from

7. Have a water-gun fight. Acting like kids and having a watergun fight can really brighten up a hot summer day. Invest a few dollars in some cheap water-guns and go crazy with your loved one. Guaranteed fun and since it’s only water you are fighting with, you can’t really hurt each other by mistake! To make it more of a competition, fill the water guns with coloured water and wear some inexpensive clothing. Person with least amount of colour on their clothes wins a 30 minute massage…

Picture from Wikihow

8. Take funny pictures together. Make faces, jump around, dance or do wierd and funny poses! Re-create poses from movies, such as zoolander, or dress up in matching retro outfits, make the ugliest faces you possibly can and just have fun! Use make-up, old clothes, anything you can find to make it even more fun :)

The Zoolander Pose Picture credits to Paramount Pictures

9. Dance and sing together. Put on some funky hats and groovy sunglasses to get into the dance type mood and put some music on and dance like no one’s watching! If you don’t know how or still feel uncomfortable, why not try and learn a new dance together? There are tons of instructional videos on youtube! Just remember it’s just for fun…

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

10. Pillow fight!  There’s no better way to release some energy and have fun while just staying in on a rainy day.

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/ LoveByte Cupid