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Do-it-yourself gift #1 – Love Map

Finding that perfect gift for your loved one isn’t that easy. You want to give them something meaningful, personal and something to remember. It’s very time consuming and often expensive to find that perfect gift, but don’t worry, we have found something for you. It’s a unique gift that doesn’t cost a lot to make since all you need is some love, time and creativity (and to buy or print those maps and frames of course! ) But it is the visibility, the effort and the love behind this Love Map that makes it so perfect. Once you are done, it will remind you of your love for each other every single day. 

Here we’ve gathered some examples for you to get inspired :-) 

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Your Love Map theme could be anything that is related to your relationship, where you’ve met, got married, traveled together or where you want to go… Just pick the events most important to your relationship.

You could make one out of your favorite dates together! Just check your LoveByte to remember all your dates and choose your favorites. Find a big map of your city and mark out these favourite date locations with a small heart sticker or just paint a heart with a pen over those locations. It’s a perfect and unique way to remember your special everyday moments and a great reminder for you to continue exploring new locations. Don’t forget to update your LoveByte on your next Date so you’ll always remember these precious moments together.

To create your Love Map all you need is some creativity, a scissor, pens, a map, frame(s), some glue and you are ready to go!

Good Luck!

/ LoveByte Cupid 

How to stay in a loving relationship even when apart


A lot of people today meet on online dating sites, while abroad for work or study or whilst traveling.  A lot of existing couples have to face long distance relationships as well due to career opportunities or studies that are not available in their home town. But how to make it work if you meet that special someone and you do not live in the same town, or even the same country? We have all heard that phrase, “A long distance relationship is doomed to fail”, but is that really true? With todays globalized world isn’t it necessary to be able to cope with a long distance relationship to be able to stay with your loved one?

Well we believe so, and there are so many positive stories out there regarding successfull long distance relationships, so do not be discouraged! Here we share some insights on how you can cope with a long-distance relationship.

Do things together! There is nothing that can replace the physical aspect of your relationship, where you are doing things together such as sitting on the couch watching tv or cooking and having dinner with each other several times a week. These are moments that doesn’t require the same amount of talking as a phone call but where you are still bonding and enjoying each others company. After a few hours on the phone, how much more is there to say as your only way of communication is with words? This can for some be very frustrating and hard. In a normal relationship you would just hold hands and watch the sky together once you have nothing more to say or watch the things passing outside the window, cuddle up on the sofa and just enjoy the physical closeness of being together in quietness. This is hard to achieve when in a long distance relationship, but not impossible. The physical part is not going to be able to be re-created but some moments of bonding over everyday events can still be. To re-create some aspects of these moments in your relationship is to plan in occasions when you do things together. Who said that you can’t enjoy a meal together just because you are apart? Plan in one day when you both cook the same dish and have dinner over skype. Or plan in an evening where you watch a movie togethor or your favorite tv-show while on the phone. These moments gives you something to talk about once those everyday updates are done and gives you a chance to enjoy something together even when apart.

Communicate, a lot! Communicate with each other a lot, and not only through those hour long phone calls, but try and communicate even about those little things in your everyday life, small triumphs or tragedies, maybe you need advice about something? Share all this with your loved one through text messages, notes, short phone calls or chat messages , send a gift card or even flowers! Just to let your partner know they are on your mind. Since you won’t see each other everyday these small things are important to maintain that emotional connection between the two of you, and here quantity is more important than the quality of what you are sending.

2014-02-26 09.24.07

Flexibility. You will inevitably spend a lot of time on skype and chat to call each other and keep in touch, and yes this is extremely important as we just described. However, you do not want to feel like you are chained to a leash to skype, so try and create a routine and a flexibility that works for both of you and that you both are happy with communicationwise. This is to avoid always calling when your partner is at work or out with friends since this will make you feel like you are always disturbing and you’ll never get that chance to talk about the things important to both of you. At the same time you can’t keep your life on hold and spend every minute communicating with your loved one, so the flexibility in this routine is important. It’s ok if your partner sometimes can’t make it to your set skype-date due to work or other plans, just let your partner know you are running late or can’t make it in time to avoid frustration and dissapointment. But try to create a routine when you know you will always be in touch and have time for each other but also have time for your friends and social life. This time could be scheduled in the morning when you just woke up or at night before you are going to bed so you’ll make it a routine to call each other and say Hi. To plan in one night a week as your date-night is also a great way to plan in what to do and know that you have time to talk and enjoy each other. This would allow you to at least once a week have some hours undisturbed together.  

Talk about the future and set a plan. This is a very important part of coping with a long distance relationship. It is not easy being apart, but talking about the future and planning in things together further on makes all the troubles worthwhile since you know what you are fighting for. If it is impossible to have a plan for the future of when you can live together in the same country or in the same city, try and set dates for when you are seeing each other next time before you leave every time you visit each other, this will make it easier to cope with the distance because you know you when and how soon you will see each other again.

2014-02-26 09.09.11

Visit as often as you can. To visit each other as often as you can is important so you don’t loose the emotional and physical closeness, but this can sometimes be easily forgotten when you are busy with work, friends and the budget and time doesn’t always allow you to visit as often or as long as you would like too. But do remember to set time off to visit your loved one, even if it is only for a few days and make the effort even if it may seem troublesome and far away, it is all worth it in the end when you truly love someone.

Last but not least,  Stay Positive! There are many aspects that are great with a long distant relationship as well! You get more time to spend with your friends, focus on your career, studies or a hobby that you love. Why not take advantage of that time? Do remember that all long distance relationships have an end as well so this is not something that will last forever, and everyday apart, is one day closer to seeing each other again. Once you do get to see each other again the time spent is as well more valid, as you enjoy every second of each others company. There are a lot of stories where long distance relationship couples actually are happier as they tend to focus more on the positive side of the relationship and really spend quality time together once they meet.

/LoveByte Cupid

Animals in Love

Don’t you just feel love all around? We at the LoveByte office do, everyday, thanks to all of you wonderful LoveByters out there! So today we wanted to share our favorite animal love pictures to spread a little bit of love from us to you.

animals in love

Photo from Pinterest


Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest


/ LoveByte Cupid




10 Things to do on LoveByte – #10

#10 Gift store

Anniversary drawing near but you don’t have the time to shop for gifts? Fret not, as LoveByte has our very own gift store where you can shop till your hearts content – anytime, anywhere. We understand that gifts are a very integral part of any celebratory event, and so we are here to help you make gift buying a less trying and painful experience!

Our gift store features gifts from various vendors that are thoughtfully handpicked by us, hence the quality is definitely ensured! Some of our vendors include JulzEclecticMix, Gumtoo, GiftAndTake and many more. Furthermore LoveByte’s gift store features various adorable couple products like couple watches and couple tees, just to name a few!

Feeling excited yet? We love to be part of your love journey so download Lovebyte today and get to enjoy all these fantastic features! Happy gifting!


LoveByte Team

The Different Languages of Love

We all feel loved in different ways and to receive love in all these languages are important. However some of them speak louder to us than the others. We briefly introduced the five languages of love in our infographic, today we’re elaborating a bit more.

Do you know which of these love languages is the most powerful one to you and to your partner?To figure out which ones matter most to you, ask yourself and your partner these questions first;

  • How do you express your love to others?
  • What do you complain about the most?
  • What do you request more often?

1. Words of Affirmation

Photo from Pinterest

If this is your love language compliments and kind words are the most important to you and make your spirits fly sky high, but it would also mean that insults could leave you shattered and devastated and be very hard to forget. When we communicate our love using words we need to use kind words said with kindness and tenderness to be able to express our genuine love. Encouraging words are equally important to help lift the spirits of our partner and help them in the areas they feel insecure. Also if this is your partners love language, it is important to make requests, not demands in the relationship. To give guidance, and not to make ultimatums.


2. Quality Time

Photo from Pinterest

When I love you is said through full and undivided attention. When being there for your loved one is the most important thing, with the TV-off, phones on silent and all chores put aside. If this is how you or your partner truly feels loved and appreciated it is very important to take this time off and make sure to spend a few hours a week togethor with undivided attention from each other where you fully focus on each others feelings and words, This do mean not to interrupt your partner whilst talking nor do anything else at the same time like looking one second on your phone to see that message your friend sent. It is important to realize that your partner feel very hurt when dates are cancelled, postponed, interrupted or when you failure to listen.


3. Gifts

Photo from Pinterest

A lot of people mistake this language of love for materialism, however this language is more focused on the thought and effort behind the gift rather than the money spent. It is the visibility of the effort and love that speaks to their hearts when receiving gifts.

A small rock picked up during the morning walk where you’ve written I love you could mean equally much as a store bought expensive one as it is the thought and effort behind the gift that matters. The gesture of “he or she thought about me when doing this” is the importance here. So if this is you or your partners love language missed gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and so on could leave them feel devastated as they need these gestures of thoughtfulness and effort to feel loved.


4. Acts of Service

Anything you do to ease the burden of your loved ones chores speaks directly to their heart if this is their main love language. This also means that laziness, broken commitments and creating more work for them tells them that their feelings doesn’t matter and that you don’t care.

So if your loved one is nagging you over something, maybe try and see this as a sign that this task is really important for their feelings. It can be something just as easy as vacuuming the floors to make your partner feel loved. Basically everything that needs effort, planning and time will make your partner feel loved. It could be doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, dealing with the landlord etc.


5. Physical touch

Photo from Pinterest 

Physical touch is often mistaken for bedroom activities only, but this persons main love language is all sorts of everyday contact, hugs, kisses, hand on the shoulder, pats on the back and even something simple as hand holding when together. All this touching is a way for your partner to show excitement, care, concern and love. This also means that physical accessibility and presence is extremely important and if neglected can be devastating.

Small acts to show your love in everyday life is for example to sit close to each other and cuddle when watching TV and to give some sort of physical touch, like a small kiss every time before you leave and as the first thing when you return.




10 Things to do on LoveByte – #9

#9 The power of days

Have you noticed the ‘Days Together’ section below your profile pictures? We are proud to say that this feature is unique to LoveByte, and it serves a very meaningful purpose, which we will elucidate with a true love story below.

Jeremy, one of our loyal LoveByte users had to decide on a date to propose to his girlfriend, and in a twist of wit, he actually made use of LoveByte’s ‘Days Together’ feature to decide on a proposal date– 3344 days. In Chinese belief, the numbers 3344 is translated to mean “forever and ever in your lifetime”, which gives a really special meaning to a proposal date! Of course, such a thoughtful gimmick eventually won Jeremy his dream girl :)

Besides, the ‘Days Together’ reminder can serve as a twist to all your celebrations– instead of celebrating your one month or three months anniversary,how about celebrating your 99th day together, your 123rd day together, or take our challenge, your 9999th day together??

Use LoveByte today to enjoy this exciting and life-changing feature!


LoveByte Team

With love, St Valentine

Hey LoveByters, Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am sure that all you lovey dovey couples out there have something extraordinary planned for this wonderful day of love :) While all of us know that the 14th of Feburary every year is valentine’s, do you ever wonder why this day in particular, why the significance, and why is it called Valentine’s day? Let LoveByte shed some light on this much celebrated but lesser understood day!

It turns out that the Valentine’s Day that we now celebrate is in actuality an ancient Christian and Roman tradition, called in honor of Saint Valentine, a Roman martyr who lived in the 3rd century. During the Reign of Claudius II, the Roman empire was in a state of war and engulfed in chaos from all sides, and many soldiers were needed to defend the nation from takeover. Claudius II felt that married men were made more emotionally attached to their families, and thus, will not make good soldiers. In essence, he believed that marriage, or love, made men weak, and hence issued an edict forbidding marriage so as to ensure quality soldiers. The Kindly bishop, St.Valentine, witnessing the sadness of many young lovers and realizing the injustice of this decree hence decided to counter the monarch’s order in secrecy and performed marriages for young couples. To cut the long story short, his act of defiance eventually came to light, and it is believed that Claudius executed St. Valentine on Feburary the 14th.

However, this was not before St.Valentine found his own true love, which ill-fatedly happened to be his jailer, Asterius’, daughter. On the day that St. Valentine was executed, It is said that he had asked for a pen and paper from his Asterius, and signed a farewell message to Asterius’ daughter “From Your Valentine,” a phrase that lived ever after. 

I hope that this new understanding of V-day brings a deeper appreciation for this special day, and of course, a stronger love for your other half. It is easy to neglect our loved ones and take them for granted, but let us not fall into regret only when these precious people are no longer by our side.



This V-day, I hope that all of you can take a moment to spend time with your loved one, celebrate their existence in your life, and cherish this magical bond that you share with them. And don’t forget, V-day is not only celebrated between couples, but between friends and families as well! So I urge all of you to spend this day wisely, not quarreling, fighting, or picking out the flaws of your loved ones, but showing that you care, love, and cherish them.

With Valentine’s Love,

LoveByte Team <3 <3 <3

5 Gift ideas for her

Is your anniversary coming up or do you just want to buy a special gift for your loved one? It isn’t that easy is it. Don’t worry, we have gathered some perfect gift ideas for her from our LoveByte Gift Store so you can buy her something special no matter the occasion;

1. This Swanlake rhinestone watch is a perfect gift for that special loved one with its unique, beautiful look. Rhinestones is definitely a girl’s best friend! 


2. Girls do love to feel special and chosen, so why not give her a gift that really states “I love you and only you” with these cool guy and sweet girl couple shirt.


3. Even though we think it is a lot easier to just update on LoveByte, why not write down your lovestory in this Vintage Fairytale notebook. She will truly appreciate the time you’ve spent writing everything down and reading your handwriting whilst remembering all the wonderful moments you’ve spent together.



4. With jewellery you can never go wrong!  What better way to remind your loved one of how much you care than by giving them this Red beads bracelet with heart charm.



5. With this gift you just can’t go wrong! Show your girl how much you love her by buying these adjustable couple rings. As they are adjustable you don’t have to worry about the size and you don’t have to go through all the trouble trying to figure it out either!