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6 Sweet Fun Things Couples Do On LoveByte

1. Matching Profile Photos

LoveByte matching photo LoveByte Profile  

What type of couple are you? We really liked the profile pictures of George and Jiahui! Having a sense of humour always fills a relationship with fun and laughter.

Declare your love for one another with a pair of our matching profile photos, but in a more private way, if matching outfits are too “loud” for you.

2. Write Sweet Notes

There’s nothing sweeter than waking up in the morning to a heartfelt note lovingly written by your favourite person in the world, expressing what he/she has been wanting to say but haven’t had the chance to verbalise, or is too shy to say it. As a LoveByte user Kim calls it, it’s “sweetness overload”!

We’re often too guilty of holding back on saying what we truly feel, for many reasons; but you know what? It’s far more frightening if you don’t say anything – you don’t want to regret it later. NEVER wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love and how much you care.

3. Converse using stickers

With Stickers, don’t worry about having your intentions misinterpreted. There’s always a cute image that expresses how you feel, making your partner smile and laugh at the same time. Check out the Sticker Store in LoveByte app for more goodies.

4. Cover Photos


Take the chance to define what your relationship is about. Like Cover Photos on Facebook, this is your shared Timeline as a couple. You can make a beautiful collage of your photos, use inspiring scenic images, or favourite quotes. Be creative and use images that express the both of you well!

5. Send Fun Scratchcards

LoveByte cards LoveByte scratchcards

Did you know that you can customise your own scratch card? Other than choosing your next fun date activity suggested by LoveByte, come up with your own wacky things to do. Or as seen in the screenshots above, use them as a Card and your partner will be thrilled as they unveil what surprise you have for them. P.S. You can send Secret Message in Chat too!

6. Celebrate Special Days of Togetherness

Days Together LoveByte

Every day is a special day… but some days are more special than the rest! It feels good looking at the Days Together counter, especially when you reach a nice number and look back on how far you’ve come together as a pair.

You don’t need to celebrate your love only on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary. These  ‘milestones’ are equally deserving of our attention and it automatically qualifies as a good day!

A very brilliant idea by LoveByte user Jeremy to use propose to his long time girlfriend, now fiancée, on their 3344th day together (which has a Chinese meaning of “eternity”, similar to 1314). And as the caption says… “It’s a YES!!!” LoveByte is happy to play a part in loving relationships. We wish them all the best in their life together! :)

What are some cute ways that you use LoveByte? Let us know in the comments below!

LoveByte Cupid <3

(Pictures used in this post are taken from social media posts set to Public)
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Reminiscing On Fond Memories Help Couples Remember The Bond They’ve Built

Today, we get to speak to Wee Long and Qiu Wen from Malaysia. They have been together for slightly over a year. So here it is we have Wee Long speaking to us about their relationship!


How did the two of you first meet, and what is your favourite date activity?

We met online through a social website. Both of us enjoy hunting around for nice food, so usually we search for good food then go and watch movies in cinemas.

Discuss one of the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it? 

Distance is our biggest challenge. We cannot meet each other often, therefore it was more difficult to express our feelings and concern for each other. Some of my bad habits made her frustrated.

With constant communication, we sought to understand each other’s problems. Even though there were times we felt emotional, we made it a point to remain calm as we were sure about not giving up because we really love each other.


How did you find out about LoveByte?

I came across LoveByte on the app store while browsing one day. And since we’ve started using it, we note down every date and precious memory so we will never forget them.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

LoveByte reminds us about how our story began, as it contains all special moments between us that only we share. Scrolling through the timeline tells us how long we’ve been together and how much we have gone through.

Sometimes when we argue, we will open LoveByte and it reminds us of all the positive times we’ve had. When I have made her angry, I will post funny and memorable photos or notes just to make her happy. LoveByte is a big part of our love story! Best part of all, it’s private!

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

Be totally honest to your loved one. Trust and respect him/her no matter what happens – it is the foundation to loving relationships. Never easily use the term “break up”, and when you harbour such thoughts, think twice and recall the happy lovely moments and memories you both share.

We wish them all the best in their relationship and stay loving!

LoveByte Cupid

10 Things to do on LoveByte – #6

#6 Private chat for 2 please.

Have you ever been really excited to receive an incoming message you thought would be from a special someone? As your hands reach to check the phone your smile turns into a frown when you see it was from your annoying acquaintance asking for a favour?

With our unique range of notification sounds on LoveByte (trust me, it is very different from what’s available on your phone by default), you will always know you have received a message from your loved one. Some of our interesting notification ringtones includes tar spark, pig oink, bubble, and many more!

Romantic relationships are all about the spark and chemistry between the two of you alone. LoveByte understands that it’s so hard for us to retain our privacy and exclusivity nowadays – Send a mushy message to your loved one and in your message inbox, the last message is there for all your friends to look and poke fun at. LoveByte avoids these kinds of awkward positions exactly, granting you a private space to exchange sweet nothings without intrusion.

Beyond managing photographs and sending scratchcards, you could also stay in the application and chat with your significant other with LoveByte’s in-built chat function. Say goodbye also to pesky colleagues or friends appearing in the chat page!


LoveByte Team

10 Things to do on LoveByte – #5


Here’s introducing our unique, one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before-on-the-face-of-this-earth….scratchcards! All you lottery maniacs out there, here’s a virtual ‘scratch-and-win’, and what’s more, it is free! Our scratchcards suggests different exciting and funky activities for you and your loved one, and we guarantee that not a dull moment will be present with these adorable little scratchies.

Ran out of ideas for a date? You can make every date a LoveByte date by sending these sweet virtual scratchcards to your beloved. These scratchcards come with suggestions (be it for a date or romantic ideas) for various occasions ranging from New year’s and Christmas, to regular Saturdays’ activity. So fret not, all you people who lack a creative streak, and count on LoveByte’s scratchies to add some fun and thrill to your dates!

Here’s how our scratchies work: imagine you’re expecting a morning text from your dearest and then comes a scratchcard! You smile to yourself as you scratch to reveal the content, wondering what new wacky activity he/she has suggested this time. Great start to a great day, sounds perfect to us! With this feature on LoveByte, every date can feel like your first, a never-ending excitement and heart fluttering experience.


LoveByte Team

P.S.: Our scratchcards could probably double up as rehab for lottery scratch-and-win addicts as well. #Justsaying.

10 Things to do on LoveByte – #4

#4 Photographing

Precious moments don’t last forever, but photographs can freeze a moment in time. With a camera installed on almost every mobile phone these days, it’s a shame if we are not utilising it to capture all the happy moments in our lives. Perhaps you have faced a situation when you chanced upon a picture you don’t remember taking, but when the memories all comes back, you’re thankful for the photograph that captured the moment.

Why not upload them onto LoveByte and view them while you scroll through a timeline to reminisce and relive your treasured memories?

Some ideas on picture-perfect moments:

1. ‘Firsts’ – from your first overseas trip, first roller coaster ride, first baking endeavour and first bowling game together,

2. Anniversaries and Birthdays

3. Events – Parties, weddings and formal dinners you all attended together

4. Random, “ordinary”, everyday moments – when you’re in love, even the simplest of dates, simplest of moments together aren’t dull! It’s definitely worth a picture no matter what. (:

Capture them all and put them on LoveByte so next time when you’re missing your other half, you could just go on LoveByte and fondly recall the wonderful times you had together. (: Happy photographing!


The LoveByte Team

10 Things to do on LoveByte – #3

#3 Reminders

In a relationship, there are too many exciting dates to look forward to. The longer you’ve been together, the more likely you’ve gone for more dates. And forgetting any of these dates can sure be disastrous. Especially for guys, we know exactly how your pulse rises and palms turn clammy as your sweet one tests you on another one of those important dates or places which you absolutely have no clue about. And ladies, no, we are not encouraging forgetfulness or your man’s apparent lack of detailed thought. Here at Lovebyte, we are simply trying to help you two avoid such unnecessary conflicts. We’re here to make your love journey sweeter, more loving, and one with less trials and tribulations.

This feature will be extremely useful for those who just can’t remember important dates, what with today’s hectic pace of life where we all are bogged down by demands from school or work. Simply record your significant moments under ‘Dates’, or save these moments under the ‘Milestones’ timeline, and there you go, all those first dates, your first kiss and more are now neatly recorded! (:

LoveByte will efficiently help you remember all the important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays and more, so download our app today! We leave the loving to you, and you, leave the recording to us. (;


LoveByte Team

10 Date Ideas for Jolly January!

How’s everyone coping so far with the first month of this year? Here at LoveByte, things have been looking up for us and we’re excited to embrace the opportunities available to us in 2014! (: look out for new updates of our app and…a whole new version 2 coming up later this year (sorry, we’re not gonna’ spoil the fun and tell you which month it’ll be released, BUT WAIT FOR IT!)

We at LoveByte have termed this month…Jolly January! 


Indeed, let this year be a happy one by starting it with smiles, laughter and fun! Even if the first two weeks of this month haven’t been awesome, MOVE ON and make things better and happier, day by day! It’s still early on in the year, so don’t you dare have negative thoughts about this year being a bad one just because you’ve had a few gloomy days yeah! Since it’s Jolly January, take up this challenge – DO SOMETHING FUN AND/OR ENJOYABLE EVERYDAY for the remaining days of the month! (:

Here are some date ideas for you LoveByters out there!

1. List down your resolutions. And stick to it.

Instead of the usual setting of resolutions through making mental notes, this time round write them down. Meet up with your boo and exchange resolutions and help each other keep in check that you guys stay focused on your goals! Split your list into two sections – general resolutions for yourself and a section on shared resolutions – resolutions for the both of you with regards to your relationship. (:

2. Enjoy a staycation.

We often get consumed by our busy schedules as the days go by. Often, the busier we get, the more stressed out we are likely to become. Why not take a weekend to relax and unwind? Take a simple staycation at a local resort. Go to a neighbouring state and stay there for a night. Take the time to bond with your boo. Spend the night up just talking about life or playing console games. Both are different kinds of fun, but ultimately, they can successfully help you both unwind and bring you two closer. (:

3. Have a crazy board games night with friends and family.

Relationships shouldn’t be a two-people thing all the time (face it, it can’t.) Why not invite both you and your boo’s parents and siblings (include the little nieces and nephews too!) and have a fun night of good food and board games fun? (: play games that encourage laughter and limit competition, games like cherades are easy to set-up, understand and play! :D

4. Do spring cleaning together.

It’s never a “right” time to pack our rooms and neaten up is it? Why not take up the challenge of clearing up and have your boo work on the task at hand with you? When you’re (finally) done with your room, head over to his/her’s (: Have fun dusting!

5. Plan your career aims for the year – together.

Careers are often seen as an individual thing. Couples must understand that when you get together, your lives are inevitably linked in many aspects. To think that your career belongs to you alone is misguided. Make plans together and agree on goals. Help each other understand individual priorities. It’s really all about communication and strengthening your relationship.

6. Create your love hand sign / language.

Remember when you were a kid and you had a secret handshake with Deb from next door? Or a secret fist bump and rhyme with your classmate Cody? Create a secret hand sign/love language/etc. that’s a secret between the two of you. (: trust me, i’ve been there, done that and that’s really really sweet.

7. Serenade your love tonight.

If singing and strumming on the guitar’s your thing, this is so for you. (: pick a nice romantic song and sweep your boo of his/her feet. (: better still, serenade him/her with your song.

8. Write a couple song.

Click here for tips on how to do this! (:

9. Start a feel-good hobby together that you both can enjoy.

The year will present its challenges, one after another, and we all could use an “instant-feel-good” remedy. Find that hobby which serves this purpose perfectly – it could be painting, dancing, jumping trampolines, etc – use your imagination here, get creative and have a jolly good time! :D

Last but not least,

10. (Always) have a good laugh.

Go watch comedies at the cinemas, comical theatrical plays or simply have some crazy fun at your favourite hangout with your boo! :D laugh, laugh harder and laugh some more. Ultimately, laughter will always be one of the most defining reasons how fun a date is. :D


With Jolly Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

Happy New Year 2014!

LoveByte wishes you a…

Warmest wishes from our LoveByte Mascots! (:

Warmest wishes from our LoveByte Mascots! (:

It has been a wonderful year for us here at LoveByte and we hope that 2013 has been a year of awesome-ness for you too! (:

With the coming of a new year, we set resolutions and put our heart to achieve many things – these range from goals for health, wealth, success and relationships. In my opinion, it’s good to set resolutions because it will mean that we have given thought to how we would like to improve ourselves and improve our lives and at their best, your resolutions will involve improving the lives of people around you. A resolution on making an impact on your community and the friends and family that surround you is in my opinion, a resolution well made.

For my friends in relationships, take this year to make a difference. Make a positive change. If you have had bad habits that were in the way of a happy relationship, now’s a good time to get rid of those. Be a gracious partner, let go of the trivial and minor disagreements, and embrace every single moment you share with your partner from now on. Stop taking him/her for granted and let them know how much you love them.

I’m saying these now because with a new year, all of us are at least a little more motivated to make changes. But really, being a better lover and partner is not something that should be left to every new year’s day. It’s a continuous process of self-improvement which leads to more fulfilling, stronger and happier relationships, and overall, an enriching existence. Through self-improvement, we have more to offer this world of ours and the people around us. As selfish as I may sound, when I make the people around me happy, I feel a surge of happiness, accomplishment and satisfaction unrivaled by the thrills and fun of any activity in particular. Really, what’s stopping you from being a better person for others then? (;

And for my single friends, fret not. Embrace your freedom like never before. Do and achieve the things you knew you never could really spend time and effort on because you had to commit to a relationship. Such include going on the dream vacation you always desired, take up courses and classes in yoga, cooking, languages, etc. Remain true to yourself and get in touch with who you really are this year. Put down that mask and start realizing how beautiful you already are. Embrace being you. Yes, we all have faults and we seek to improve on them, but never, ever, try to become someone you are not. If you want to be better, be a better YOU and not someone else. Besides, you never know when that special someone would appear. (: Just be yourself, and the one who comes definitely sees you for you. And yes, he/she would have fallen for you, because you are you. (:

Have a wonderful year ahead!

With 2014 Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3