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10 Things to do on LoveByte – #2

#2 LoveByte, a secret haven

 Long to collate all your silly pictures and leave mushy sweet nothings on each other’s Facebook wall but too embarrassed to do so? Us too! LoveByte understands that most social media platforms are too public for couples to indulge in all public displays of affection, and so it provides a private haven for all you lovebirds. (:

Many have asked how our application differs from texting, Whatsapp, or even Line.  Well, here is why we are glaringly different from those mentioned. Instead of a common texting platform, the only inhabitants of LoveByte is you and your loved one. You and him/her, and NO ONE ELSE. We aim to let you feel the sense of sharing something private with your other half, akin to owning a private piece of the virtual world where only your love prevails.

Not drawn in yet? May we also add that having a private app eliminates all the possible chances of you sending embarrassing (or kinky) messages to the wrong conversation, something which i am sure happens to everyone a lot. Furthermore, Lovebyte is not just a hard, cold texting platform – it actually more closely resembles a virtual scrapbook-cum-diary. Apart from texting, you are able to add pictures, record important dates, significant events, and reminiscence on them by scrolling through the timeline! Imagine opening the app and seeing your adorable profile pictures, and then scrolling down the timeline filled with all those lovely, wonderful, and sweet memories…’s hard to imagine anyone not liking this app!

Tempted to spice up your romance? Download LoveByte now! :D


LoveByte Team

10 Things to do on LoveByte – #1

#1 Track your relationship

How many of us actually remember every single detail of our relationship? (Psst forgetful guys/girls, this is specially targeted to you!) Indeed it’s difficult to manually count the days you had been together and remembering each and every milestone event/date can be extremely challenging. Not to worry though, because LoveByte is here to save the day! (: Leave all that tracking and remembering to us! We understand that while your memorable moments and shared memories are important to you, there is just so much a human brain can remember. Birthdays? Anniversaries? Let LoveByte be your one-stop for recording all these important dates and moments!

Recording all the nitty gritty details will now be painless and even enjoyable with this application. To start, simply key in the date that your loved one united and add a profile photo of your choice for each of you and you’re all set! LoveByte allows you to leave a note for one another, add photos, or enter important dates all at once. The timeline format also allows you and your loved one to record the significant milestones in your relationship, like your first date, the day when you met the parents, your first overseas vacation together and many many more! In no time, a virtual scrapbook will be produced with every single event that took place.

We know how annoying it is to shuffle from photos to notes to dates just to look back on your memories, so LoveByte offers a timeline format that is one-of-a-kind (you cannot find this in other couple apps). Our timeline allows you to view your past memories and milestones comfortably and easily– simply by scrolling! Long gone will be the haphazard collection of dates, photos and notes that you and your loved one share. LoveByte will be your right hand man to being the most sensitive and attentive significant other anyone could hope for. Intrigued yet? Download our free app now to try it out yourself!


LoveByte Team

10 Things to do on LoveByte

Hello all!

From today, we would be sharing 10 things you can do on LoveByte. Each week we will highlight two features of our app. Our app provides much opportunities to bring couples closer and it would be a pity if any of our users miss out on any of the features we have designed specifically for all of you! (:

Watch this space! (:


LoveByte Cupid :3

PS: If you aren’t a LoveByte user yet, why not give our app a try! It’s FREE and available on both the iOS and Android anyway! (:


Happy Boxing Day! :D

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and joy. (: With our campaign ‘Love Happens’, LoveByte  saw a spike in popularity and our Facebook page has garnered more likes! (: Also, this blog has had much viewership so keep the support coming! ^^ Here are some updates for you LoveByters

In view of us reaching our goal of 10, 000 likes on Facebook soon, we’re launching an Instagram campaign-cum-competition entitled #LoveByteApp10k

It’s simple to be part of the party, all you need to do is to take a screenshot of your app. From your home screen, days together, timeline, note, scratchcard, get creative and stand a chance to win limited edition LoveByte couple merchandise! :D

Oh, and remember that your Instagram account should be public or we can’t see your post! (: Feel free to follow us on instagram @LoveByteApp so you’ll be the first to get updated if yours is a winning entry! (:

This campaign will last for a week from now, 26th December 2013 to Thursday 2nd January 2014! (:

Also, an updated version for our app on both iOS and Android would be available very very soon! (: Look out for it!

What’s New in Version 1.3

– New chat with online/offline status

– Send secret messages to your partner

– (many) MORE STICKERS!!! :D

Comments? Feedback? Well, get in touch with us at to help make LoveByte better! (: We can’t reply to App Store reviews so we’d prefer to interact personally via email. We don’t bite! (:

Once again, we thank all of you for your unwavering support! :D

With Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

Merry Christmas 2013!

HoHoHo LoveByters!

Season's Greetings from our LoveByte Mascots!

Season’s Greetings from our LoveByte Mascots! :)

Merry Christmas from the LoveByte team! :) Today marks the end of our ‘Love Happens’ campaign, we sure hope that you enjoyed the pictures as much as we did! If you have any opinions on our campaign, please leave us a comment so that we can improve. Most importantly, share this blog with your friends and introduce them to the LoveByte app! Remember, in this season of giving, don’t forget to spread your love to everyone around you! :)

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and have a merry merry Christmas! Stay loving and sweet!


LoveByte Team :D

P.S We are on a hiatus for Christmas, do check back on Boxing Day for new posts! (:


Love Happens #16 – “Surprise and Wonder”

“So, what’s the most memorable thing you have done for each other?” “She knew I wanted to go to the Sentosa MegaZip…” “so on his birthday I blindfolded him and led him there. Oh and to celebrate Christmas, he bought me red roses and we had a romantic dinner”

“So, what’s the most memorable thing you have done for each other?”
“She knew I wanted to go to the Sentosa MegaZip…”
“So on his birthday I blindfolded him and led him there.
Oh and to celebrate Christmas,
He bought me red roses and we had a romantic dinner”

Surprises are nice. I don’t know how common this is, but I’ve got to admit that as much as I claim not to be into surprises and that I don’t fancy flowers and gifts, in reality, a surprise never fails to charm me and make my day. Receiving/giving gifts isn’t my love language but being on the receiving end of a surprise just melts my heart. (: For me, it’s not about the material value of flowers or gifts that matter, but the symbolism of it all. For someone to give his/her partner little surprise treats, it requires at least the following

1. he/she was thinking about their partner while getting the gift,

2. he/she pays attention to his/her partner’s taste just so he/she could get a “right” gift,

3. some planning to ensure the surprise remains a surprise,

4. effort and money spent just so he/she could achieve his/her ultimate goal,

5. and that his/her ultimate goal is to make his/her partner happy. (:

One small gesture with a surprise gift (or a random and simple handwritten card does the trick too!) can tell a lot. I believe there are people out there who think like me too and if you suspect your partner may be one of them, hesitate no more and spring a random surprise on him/her soon! (: Take the opportunity now that it’s the Christmas season to spring a lovely surprise on your partner.

And keep in mind that  surprises that do not happen on “eventful” days can actually make better surprises because your partner wouldn’t be expecting it at all. (: Of course, don’t overdo it too. Keep it a surprise. Anything overdone would lose its effect.

Having said the above, you should pay attention to how surprises are symbolically important and that means that you don’t have to always burn a hole in that pocket of yours.

“Even in the familiar there can be surprise and wonder.”
― Tierney Gearon

You can always surprise him/her in the little ways. Like giving him/her a kiss on the forehead and tell them how beautiful you think they are, and how much they matter to you. Guys, have fun and role-play at times, like getting the door for her and dramatically usher her in and make her feel like a princess. Girls, propose to watch the game with him even if it isn’t your thing or play video games with him for once.

Remember that it is always up to you to keep that burning passion alive. (: have a joyous Christmas! (:

With Christmas Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

Love Happens #15 – “Solvent of all problems”

“Communication is the solvent of all problems and is the foundation for personal development.”
— Peter Shepherd

“She’s always feeding me, taking good care of me.” “He’s patient, tolerant and forgiving - and that’s hard to find.”

“She’s always feeding me, taking good care of me.”
“He’s patient, tolerant and forgiving – and that’s hard to find.”

It has been really comforting to hear the responses of many couples throughout this campaign. A common question we ask is “what do you like most about him/her?” and all the time, people reply with character and personality traits which they admire and appreciate, beyond skin-deep answers. It’s always a joy to see how their partner’s face lights up when being openly praised by their loved one. The sweet smiles that come after, a playful nudge, a bashful giggle or when they hold each other closer as they walk away from us after the interview just melts my heart all the time. (:

Patience, tolerance and forgiveness – perhaps the key elements required for any couple to emerge from misunderstandings stronger and more loving than before. Let’s face it, we’re all human and we have times of disagreement. In such times when we don’t see eye to eye, we may confront each other with hostility, we lose self-awareness and say hurtful things – things we don’t really mean. But it’s too late, we’ve said it. And before we know it, we’ve started a fight. I bet there are definitely times when this has happened to you, because it has for me. 

It’s a shame when a simple misunderstanding leads to a full-blown war. Times we could have spent loving each other, we spend on hurting each other. And when couples quarrel, two people are hurt. It doesn’t matter who started it and whose fault it is, fact is, we’ve hurt each other. Really, what’s the point of fighting and hurting?

Communication is vital to any healthy and strong relationship. Quarreling is not the kind of communication I’m referring to. Instead, I’m talking about a calm discussion where both parties share their perspectives on the issue and where they want to go from there. Talk not only about the issue at hand, but how you both could and would handle this situation should it come up again. I can’t tell you how to best solve your problems, but all I can do is urge all of you to always to consider your partner’s perspective in every conflict. Through doing so, you would be handling the issue maturely and not insist on your position without even trying to see things from another angle. Also, if you constantly do this, you get to understand your partner better, in how he/she thinks, how he/she handles conflicts, etc. Communication should always be constructive and positive and it should never be a competition to prove that one is “right” or on a moral high-ground.

Yes, couples quarrel. And I believe so have all the couples we’ve met and talk to so far. But we all move on from conflicts, and we become smarter and stronger than before. Not only would you grow as an individual, you grow as a couple, and slowly you’d be ready to take on the world together.

Stay strong together! (:

With Christmas Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

Love Happens #14 – “Friendship, is very comforting.”

“Friendship,” said Christopher Robin, “is a very comforting thing to have.”
― A.A. Milne

“It’s his birthday surprise!” “So who’s idea was it?” “The girls thought of it.”

“It’s his birthday surprise!”
“So who’s idea was it?”
“The girls thought of it.”

The LoveByte team was walking around scouting for couples when we were approached to give this blindfolded boy here a hug for his birthday. This made us really interested to know what these youth had up their sleeve so we interviewed them and decided to add a photo of them as part of our campaign. Turns out, this is a birthday surprise they sprang on their dear friend here. It is obvious that much planning and preparation had been done just so they could make his birthday a memorable one. (:

This got me thinking about how love takes on many forms and guises. What could have been seen by some as a prank on this boy here is actually a display of their strong friendship and camaraderie. They took photos while this boy received hugs from total strangers and I thought – wow, this youth are helping their friend feel loved, one hug at a time. (: These friends are awesome aren’t they?

I’ve been really lucky and am grateful to have had collected many precious gems in life, these gems I call ‘friends’. They are my light in darkness and they make me feel good about myself when I’m down. They also spend time, effort and energy just to keep me going strong, come what may. Like family, friends provide an emotional support that has contributed much to the happy soul I have today. (: I’ve been enriched by their love, and I believe you can totally relate to what I’m saying, with a few friends of your own that just flashed across your mind as you read this.

This Christmas, take time to meet up with these gems. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, friends are the often-neglected people in your life when you get into a romantic relationship. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting either your partner or friends. Strike a good balance and spend your time wisely. (:

With Christmas Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

Love Happens #13 – “Don’t Stop Believing”

“We met each other many times when we went prawning. But we never talked. I finally approached her after 4 months. And we’ve been together for three years.”

“We met each other many times when we went prawning.
But we never talked.
I finally approached her after 4 months.
And we’ve been together for three years.”

It’s magical how we meet that special someone. It can be that we fall in love with our friend of many years, or with that unlikely and unsuspecting girl/guy we see sitting at the same table every lunch break, or that sparks fly from over a distance – like what happened here for our featured lovebirds. (:

Love is unpredictable, and it can strike you when you least expect it. I’ve read somewhere before that it is precisely because we do not expect it, that we ‘fall‘ in love. When we fall, we don’t see it coming. We may end up hurt or we may find a precious gem on the ground, and then we pick ourselves up, feeling either wounded, satisfied or both. In life we can fall many times, and always, we pick ourselves up. If things turn out well, our love progresses into a long-term relationship. Often, love transforms from one form to another, and it is characterized decreasingly by romance and passion, and increasingly by commitment and mutual responsibility. A change in form doesn’t mean any dilution of love. That’s a common – and misguided – view. Love merely matures and grows – and it’s the same with people. We all grow out of our carefree childhood into adults with obligations and responsibilities. Allow love to take it’s natural course, let it grow healthily and embrace that.

Sometimes, things don’t turn out as well. We may feel hurt, let down, betrayed and even, angry. But life goes on. We pick ourselves up. Wounds may take from days to years to heal. At times, they even leave scars. We can be careful, watch where we walk, pace steadily and cautiously to prevent falling. But can we ever be sure that we will never fall again? No. Hence, for those of you out there who have ever been hurt in love, don’t stop believing that there is a special someone out there just for you. Wait patiently and he/she will come your way really soon. (: Perhaps what I’m trying to say is that whenever we fall (in love) we learn. Don’t give up on love, because it hasn’t given up on you.

See how beautiful it worked out for our lovebirds? What began as chance encounters progressed to them being ‘the one’ for each other. (‘: it may just happen to you. (:

Keep believing and always embrace love when it comes! (:

With Christmas Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

Love Happens #12 – “Anywhere is Paradise”

“Cause’ anywhere is paradise when you’re with the one you love” – Stefan Andersson in ‘Anywhere is Paradise’.

“We were both on overseas exchange in Europe, He was at Brussels, and I, Birmingham. He came over to look for me. We got together that December and toured Europe together!"

“We were both on overseas exchange in Europe,
He was at Brussels, and I, Birmingham.
He came over to look for me.
We got together that December and toured Europe together!”

I melted inside when I heard they toured Europe together! Travelling together with that special someone sure is nice (it’s really nice!) You get to experience the wonderful sights and sounds, meet hospitable locals and learn more about the unique cultures of our world just like any other vacation but you get to do so with someone who you are comfortable with and happy to be around. (:

Travelling together bonds you two with a unique experience shared between the two of you and no one else. And that’s the private and special bond we all look for with our special someone isn’t it? Memories belonging to just the two of you, and no one else. A little shout-out here to our LoveByte users – go ahead and record it all in your Timeline, from your first step in a foreign airport to visiting a museum, first village tour/stay and even your first foreign dessert/beer together! (:

By travelling together you also become mutually dependent, and never were you two this dependent on each other. Take care of each other’s needs, make each other happy and learn from each other. Broaden your perspectives and make your journey together an enriching one for the mind and for the soul. Consider the non-conventional travel itinerary – instead of shopping, go for local cooking/yoga classes together, visit villages and interact with the locals to learn more about the lived everyday culture there. (: Learn together and you will grow together – as individuals and as couples.

Picking a “right” destination is important. Every country, state, city/town/village can bring you and your partner an experience unlike any other. No place is superior to others, hence I’m not recommending any destinations in particular. Really, it’s all a matter of individual taste and preference. There’s always something for everyone. Hence, a “right” destination is dependent on both your partner’s and your preference and how comfortable you see both of you settling there for a few days or weeks. Travelling is about personal growth and it’s a life-enriching experience. Through travelling, you and your partner are able to grow together, learn more about each other’s tastes, preferences, and spend awesome time together. For what’s left of this Christmas season/vacation, consider going for a trip! (Even a day trip to the neighbouring state or country can be super awesome!)

Have fun! (:

With Christmas Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3