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8 Unique Ways Couples Around the World Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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To most of us, Valentines’ Day is a day filled with love, affection, flowers, chocolates, candle-lit dinner and a romantic walk down the beach. However, do you know that there are many different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day across different cultures around the world? Lovebyte will show you 8 unique ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day in 8 different countries!

#1 China

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Do you know that the Chinese celebrates Valentine’s Day on a different day? The Chinese Valentine’s Day occur on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar. This is because of the love story that happened between the 7th daughter of the Emperor of Heaven and an orphaned cowherd. Due to the objection of the Emperor, the love birds were banished to different stars and only allowed to meet once a year on the 7th day of the 7th month. Therefore, on that day, both couples and singles will make their way to the temple of the Matchmaker, pray for longevity in their relationship and wish for love in their lives.


#2 Denmark

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People in Denmark have a really special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. They would exchange love notes (called gaekkebrevs) that are meant to be humorous and these notes would be signed in a coded dot signature. Those who can guess the identity of the sender would win a chocolate egg on Easter Day as a prize!


#3 Germany

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes Valentine’s Day gifts include cute little piglets? This is actually a tradition from Germany! These little pigs symbolize luck and also lust. Ladies, now you know why little pigs were given as Valentine’s day gifts! :p


#4 Italy

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In Turin, Valentine’s Day is a popular day for engaged couples to announce their engagement to friends and families and to receive blessings in return! However, Verona, the City of Romeo and Juliet takes Valentine’s Day celebration up a few notches with four days of events. There are free concerts in Piazza dei Signori and the streets are decorated with heart-shaped lanterns. It is indeed a very beautiful place to be on Valentine’s Day.


#5 Japan

Valentine’s Day is said to be one of the most celebrated occasion in Japan. Typically, women of all ages would present chocolate gifts (usually home made) to men as an expression of love or interest. And on White Day, one month later 14th March, boys and men would return the favour to reciprocate their love or interest. Not only practised in Japan, countries such as Korea and Taiwan celebrate Valentine’s Day with the tradition of White Day as well.


#6 Norway

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According to traditions, the sight of birds mating is a sure sign of love. So on Valentine’s Day, Norwegians tend to look for these symbolic birds. And if such a sight is witnessed, it means a great deal to couples! Now there isn’t a reason for us to shy away from the sight of animals mating anymore. It’s good luck!


#7 Scotland

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Valentine’s Day in Scotland involves a major party. The main aim of this party is simply for singles to meet new people. The rules of the party is for everyone to write their own name on a piece of paper and put it into a hat which has their gender labeled. Everyone will then draw a name from the other hat. If 2 people draw each others names, it symbolizes strong partnership and great potential. Everyone will then have a partner to enjoy themselves with at the party.


#8 Thailand

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Valentine’s Day is also a popular day for engaged couples to hold their wedding ceremonies. In Thailand, however, wedding ceremonies are far more exciting! For the past 13 years, scores of PADI qualified couples have been descending deep into Thailand’s big blue every Valentine’s Day. Their mission is to say “I do” using divers’ sign language. Now, anybody needs any wedding ideas?

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day lovebirds <3

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What kind of couple are you?

Do you and your loved one fall into any of these stereotypes? :)

  1. The Cheeze-balls

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    They have matching handphone covers, matching outfits, matching bags and probably even smell the same. They look more like twins than a couple. But you got to respect them for taking so much effort to be a couple.

  2. The Definitely Getting Hitched

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    They have been together since forever and you know you’ll attend their wedding and go for their baby shower in the future. If there’s a couple you look up to, it would be them.

  3. Romeo & Juliet

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They are star-crossed lovers with family feuds like the Montague and Capulet. Their love is forbidden and they risk being disowned by meeting up secretly. One is perhaps even betrothed to someone she doesn’t love. Their love story is so exciting it’s almost become entertainment.

  4. Touchy-frilly

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They just can’t get their hands off each other, even in public. They hug and kiss loudly during social gatherings and everyone just wants to tell them “Get a room!”

  5. The Fickle-Minded

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    On some days, they are together, on some days they are not and we know because Facebook says so. At first, you worry when their relationship status changes from “In a relationship” to “Single”, after awhile, you pretend you don’t see them.

  6. The Food Critics

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They go about in search for good food around the city and you know it because all the photos they post on various social media platforms are mainly food. Occasionally, you get to see a nice couple shot.

  7. The Open Relationship

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They are dating each other, but they are also dating other people. They are a really cute couple and because you’re their good pal, you sometimes wonder what on earth are they doing to each other.

  8. The Dare Devils

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    Adventure is in their blood. They go car racing, jump off cliffs and take on the spiciest chicken wings together. It’s a wonder they are actually alive sometimes. After all, love conquers all fears, doesn’t it?

  9. The Social Media Addicts

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You know where they have been, what they ate for dinner and how much they love each other. It’s all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare. After awhile, you start to hide them from your news feeds because their photos and status updates keep spamming your wall. This is PDA in digital form. Their dates mostly consist of them scrolling through their phones and tweeting about random things instead of having a conversation.

  10. The Power Couple

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    They are each successful in their own ways, probably running multi-million dollar businesses or experts in their own fields. Everyone envies them for the perfect life they seem to have.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

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Valentines’ Day will be here in a blink of an eye! So, you haven’t had the time to plan a thoughtful surprise for the occasion, huh? Missed that hotel reservation? Don’t worry, there are other ways out.

As much as Valentine’s Day has turned into an overly-commercialized holiday, we wouldn’t recommend spending a bomb trying to impress your other half, ending up with a hole in your wallet. It doesn’t make much sense, if you ask us. The holiday is meant to be a celebration of love and romance, so focus on creating more happy and meaningful moments with your loved one instead of getting distracted by the expensive, fancy presents.

To help you get inspired, here are the top five gifts for him and her this Valentine’s Day, carefully selected by LoveByte’s own Love Guru which we are pretty sure will be appreciated by your significant other:

For Her:

#1 Personalized candies

Studies have shown that having a sweet tooth is really a girl thing. Why not give it a nice touch by  personalizing Valentines’ day candy with her name on it? Better yet, profess your love on these little sweets that will melt both in her mouth and in her heart! And yes, you have permission to be mushy.

#2 A poem or a love letter.

Literally, show some love. We ladies know how hard it is for a men to sit and pour his heart out on a piece of paper.  A heartfelt letter saying why you love her, what her most beautiful traits are, and why she means the world to you! Or write down your love story. This gift is priceless and the most thoughtful.

#3 Jewellery and Sparkles.

All girls will feel pampered when their loved ones buy them jewellery. This is because a guy who buys a woman jewelry, it symbolizes commitment and devotion, particularly if it’s a piece of jewellery that he has put in effort to personally choose or design. So guys, get that creative juices flowing and show her she’s worth your time, money and effort!

#4 Floral bouquets.

We know this sounds old, but trust us. Even if there is nothing else from you, a bouquet usually does the trick. Have it delivered to the office as a sweet surprise, and you’ll have her squealing in delight. Yes, that would probably make her colleagues jealous but you know she’ll be smiling the whole day away. :)

#5 Bacon roses.

baconrosesYes we said it… Nothing says I love you more than BACON.

#6 Romantic dinner for 2 and a personalized gift.

Perfect, sure kill combo for Valentines’ day. What’s not to love about a romantic home cooked dinner with sweet love songs playing in the background and a personalized teddy bear wearing a “I LOVE YOU” tee sitting next to 2 glasses of Chardonnay filled crystal glass? She’ll have to hold back her tears.

For Him:

#1 His favourite console game or toy

All guys have a boyish side to them that never go with age. What are his hobbies? If you know there’s this game he’s been dying to get his hands on, he’ll definitely love it!

#2 Personalized accessories

If you’re stumped  on what to get, it’s a safe bet that men like useful gifts. Accessories are also a good idea as they are practical. There could be a shirt that he wanted to get but found it overpriced. Get it for him. Alternatively, make this gift a little more special and custom-made with either a tie, hat, cap, bracelet or any kind of accessories that you know he wears.

#3 Handmade card

Get creative! If you’re on a tight budget, spend some time to make something personal. Such gifts always bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to the heart; accompanied with a photo of you in something cute, while you’re at it! I’m sure your guy will be touched and happy with a simple and yet meaningful and thoughtful.

#4 Romantic dinner for 2

Similarly, guys will also appreciate home made dinner and quality T.I.M.E with their loved ones as well. So instead wrecking your brains trying to think of material gifts for him, why not try out different recipes you think he will enjoy and get cracking in the kitchen! Perhaps, after that you both can even enjoy cuddling up on the sofa while watching a romantic comedy.

#5 5 Valentines’ day mix tape

Compiling all his and your favourite songs, especially those that stir up special and happy memories only the both of you share. Put it in the car, or add them into his iPod, so that it can be enjoyed any other day after Valentines’ Day and he can always relive those special moments as he sings along to them. Isn’t that sweet?

As corny as it sounds, remember it’s the thought that counts not the gift. We’ll say it again: Don’t get too caught up in getting the ‘perfect gift’ and forget about letting your significant other know how much you love them. Enjoy the special date and make it the best Valentine’s Day for the both of you! :)

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Stay loving with LoveByte!

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Quote of the week: LoveByte #8

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“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing throbbing moment.”

– Sarah Dessen

Do you remember how it felt like when you fell in love?

Did your heart race? Did it stop beating? Did you feel dizzy? I’m sure it was different for everyone of us. But I know, it was definitely magical.

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Valentine’s Weekend Getaway

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. Doesn’t matter even a part of you believes merchants are just out to squeeze you dry on this overly commercialised day. It’s true anyway. Though it might hurt your wallet for one night but when you look back at those beautiful memories, you would realise that this money was well spent.

Whether it’s your first or fifth time you with your special someone this year, you can definitely make it extra special this time. 14th February falls on a Thursday this year, why not make it an extended Valentine’s celebration? Take a Friday off and fly somewhere for a short vacation! Here are some excellent choices for a two to three night holiday.

If you love culture and history:


Visit Vietnam’s cultural and political centre and be immersed in the beautifully chaotic post-communist city. The streets always crowded with hawkers, cafes and vendors while crossing the road will be no easy feat with the sheer number of motorists on the road! Visit the Vietnam Women’s Museum, The Old Quarters, Hoa Lo Prisons and eat lots of beef pho. If you have time, book a trip to Halong Bay!

If you love the sun, water and sand:

The Philippines

Not only known for being the only overwhelmingly Catholic country in Asia, the Philippines is also famous for their friendly locals, colourful festivals and possessions, and pristine white beaches all over the country. The beaches are all very beautiful but if you have to pick better ones, they would be El Nido, Palawan; Borocay, Aklan and Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley. Go diving in the turquoise blue water and be mesmerised by the rich marine life. Eat lots of good food and take part in adventure sports. You should take time to explore nearby volcanic rocks, marble cliffs and caves too. They say the view WILL kill.

If you want to shop and eat, eat and shop

Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore

Shopaholics go absolutely crazy in these 3 modern cities as they are the best places to shop for high-end luxury and local designer goods. Transportation is convenient so getting around with your shopping bags will be quite easy. When your legs start to ache from all that walking, you don’t have to worry, as there will definitely be a café or eatery round the corner. If you go to Singapore, you CANNOT miss the Chilli Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Ba Kuh Teh. In Taipei, you MUST go to the night market. Don’t miss the Oyster Mee Sua, Fried Chicken and Da chang bao xiao chang (a Taiwanese sausage sandwiched in sticky rice bun). In fact, each night market has it’s own character and the types of food you can find varies. A trip to Hong Kong will not be complete without going to their Cha Chan Teng! An egg tart, bo luo bao (pineapple bun) and a cup of milk tea will make a very satisfying afternoon tea.

Other favourite holiday destinations for couples include Bali, Phuket and Bangkok. Do check on the availability of cheap budget airfares and accommodation as soon as possible! If you and your partner are unable to head out this Valentine’s weekend, why not take the opportunity to plan for your next trip?

Till then.

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LoveByte celebrates Valentine’s Day

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