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Don’t Feel Lonely, Be Social!

If you have been feeling like you don’t have enough friends in your life, or wonder if you have any social life at all, most probably you’re not alone. As we get older with increased responsibilities, staying close with our friends seem to get harder and it’s normal to feel that we’ve drifted apart.

Here are some suggestions on things to do to revitalise your social life!

Initiate a meetup

We could feel that our friends are too busy to make time for us… although it could be true, we could always try our luck and initiate a fun activity to look forward to. Rather than assuming that they can’t make it, why not just ask! Things like catching up for a drinks, a picnic by the park or just an impromptu night of board games or console.

Join a community

Figure out your hobbies or what you would like to learn. Join a club that meets up on a regular basis in your area. You could meet new friends who are like-minded. It will be exciting!

Make friends a priority

It’s easy to drift apart from friends if you fail to communicate regularly. Make it a point to contact friends whom you have not talked to in a while, just to make sure that they are okay, and set aside a few days in a month to just do something social to catch up with each other. You’ll both appreciate it.

Be enthuasiastic

It’s true. Even though everybody is tired, try not to decline dates too much. The more you say no, the less people will invite you anywhere and soon enough you will realise that you’ve stopped receiving invites altogether. Take the effort to join meetups. After all, if you are enjoying the company, you will not feel that tired and in fact, a good conversation may just spark more inspiration in you!

At the end of the day, it is important to feel good about yourself.

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid