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New Features on LoveByte (v0.8.2)

The long awaited LoveByte’s update is out! LoveByte definitely heard our fans’ request. Do update and check out these exciting new features!


The Love Lock:
We know how important your LoveByte memories are to you, and so, in this update, you bring you the Love Lock. Now, you can set a password for the app and keep all your sweet moments safe from prying eyes! (:


To do this, go to Settings and turn Passcode Lock to “ON”. You will be prompted to set the passcode, and ta-da! It’s done.


Revert profile picture to default:
There you go! We know how many of you love our cute mascots! Now, you can have them as your profile picture! All you have to do is to choose your profile picture settings as default and you’ll have the pair of cute cartoons as your profile pictures.
(although we think putting your own pictures will make the couple profile look nicer!)


Delete Scratchcards:
To delete, view your scratchcards and tap on the Action icon on the top right ribbon.


Tell A Friend:
If you enjoy LoveByte, share it with your friends too! We’d really appreciate your support.


We would like to thank everyone who have given us feedback and suggestions so far! We do consider each and everyone of them. But as the app is still in its growing phase, we do hope our fans continue to support us while we continue working hard for you all! <3 Thank you very much!


Update the app on App Store now!
Stay loving!


LoveByte Cupid <3


P.S. Any ideas or suggestions for the next updates? We want to hear from you!


Or if you need any help with installation, drop us a note at and we’ll revert as soon as possible! We’re unable to identify users from app store reviews, so please talk to us directly… we don’t bite! :)

Lovebyte is on Top 25 Free Apps

Another surprise came in during the later of National Day.

Top 25 Free App is LoveByte

LoveByte is featured on the Top 25 Free Apps on App Store in Singapore.

Without all our supporters, where would we be right now?
Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you! We’ll keep on working hard. Fighting! ^^

LoveByte Team