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LoveByte is #1 on Lifestyle Top Free App Store (SG)

In slightly over a week, LoveByte is now ranked #1 in the Lifestyle category on the Apple App Store. One day before National Day.

LoveByte Top Free Mobile App

Thank you Singapore for the sweet surprise! (not expecting it, that’s why we’re thrilled!)

The team at LoveByte sincerely thanks each and every user for downloading and supporting the app. We have also received many sincere feedback with suggestions to improve our app, and we’re definitely listening and will look into it.

Stay with us for more exciting updates, and have a good national holiday.

Lots of Love,


LoveByte’s Favourite We Got Married Couples

Somebody in LoveByte team loves the popular Korea variety show – We Got Married. Yes, even though it’s virtual. It’s really sweet, don’t you think?

Here’s ¬†our favourite 3 couples on LoveByte!

Adam Couple – Jo Kwon (2AM) & Son Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls)

You gotta love them. They were voted the best couple in 2010, and you can imagine why. Jo Kwon is super funny and quirky, and Ga In likes him for just the way he is. Their most precious moment was probably when they did a couple bungee jump together even though they were so scared and hugged on to each other tightly. Also, they had a duet “We fell in Love” which topped the charts in Korea for many weeks.


YongSeo couple – Yonghwa (CN Blue) & SeoHyun (SNSD)

This is an interesting couple to watch – Seohyun has never had a close male friend before and YongHwa is the first. They met at the lobby of MBC and Seohyun was asked to guess who her virtual husband was, which she guessed right. In their relationship, there were a lot of gogumas (sweet potatoes) as it is Seohyun’s favourite. You can tell how much Yonghwa dotes on her, and even had inspiration to write a song based on their relationship, check out Banmal song if you haven’t, and you might just notice the expression that Yonghwa has when he looks at Seohyun.


Khuntoria Couple – Nichkhun (2PM) and Victoria (f(x))

Or also referred to as the International Couple, because Nichkhun is from Thailand, and Victoria from China. Khuntoria couple is a must-watch. Both of them understand each other well even though they both come from different backgrounds. Every girl will definitely fall for Nichkhun’s sweetness and thoughtfulness, and Victoria can do almost everything, cooking is her forte!

Do you like watching We Got Married as well?
Are these your favourite WGM couple, and what do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

LoveByte Cupid <3

Improving Couple Communication Using Lovebyte

In most relationships, communication problems was identified to be the reason why couples break up.

Personality mis-match? He/She’s not the one? Is it really because of that, or how we perceive our partners to be. Is there really a right person for us?

We never really know, but we believe that if two people are willing to stay together, they will. And LoveByte is focussed on helping couples stay loving in a relationship.

Do fun things together

Send scratchcards to each other using LoveByte’s cards feature. Keep the relationship going strong as couples can select from a wide range of refreshing date ideas suggested by LoveByte and go out to have fun.

Freeze the moments in time

Add photos and write silly sweet-nothings in the app. Remember all the happy moments by adding them onto LoveByte.

Reminisce together

As the couple sees the same items on the Timeline, both parties may walk through memory lane looking at it. It’s like a mobile memorabilia, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere on LoveByte.


With LoveByte, never face the problem of sending embarrassing messages to other friends again.


Lovebyte Team

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