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Staying Connected

At LoveByte, we strongly believe that the two of you should have a private space to communicate, share stuff and store your precious moments for remembrance.  And the best way is definitely through your mobile – the one thing (besides your other half) that never ever leaves your side!

So sign up for our mobile app at and get ready to start connecting with your loved one!

Lots of Love,


Dogs are from Mars, Cats are from Venus

Every day, at the same time, she waits for him…

He comes… And they go for a walk.

No words needed… Both of them intuitively recognise the value of each other in their lives.

What about the both of you? Do you share a private and special moment with each other every day?

Lovebyte is One!

LoveByte turns ONE!  In a blink of an eye, a year has past…  On this special occasion, we wish to thank YOU – our mentors, friends, families and web readers who have supported LoveByte in one way or another.  Your well-wishes and interest in LoveByte means very much to us!  We truly appreciate it!  (:

With your support, we look forward to a even better year ahead!  So do stay tuned as we bring you more exciting developments from LoveByte!

Lots of Love,