Monthly Archives: March 2012

I Light Up Your Life

From 9 March to 1 April 2012, 25 art installations featuring energy-efficient lighting will add colour to Marina Bay’s romantic nightscape.  Head down to Marina Bay with your loved one this season and enjoy the breathtaking scenery which awaits both of you!

For the more details on the guided tours and other complementary activities, you can also check out or download the iLightMarinaBay iPhone app.
Meanwhile, LoveByte was at Marina Bay last night too, but was unable to view the light art exhibits due to an unexpected downpour.  Thankfully it wasn’t a wasted trip as we managed to cosy up under a tentage at the Esplanade outdoor theatre to catch performances from the Mosaic Music Festival.  Good music.  Good company.  What more can we ask? :)
If both of you love listening to good music together, do catch the last few performances of the Mosaic Music Festival at The Esplanade today!


Lots of Love,