11 Signs Your Partner Is Your BFF

Let’s face it – adult relationships are tough and we find our social circles shrinking the older we get. It’s tiring to have to get to know and understand another human being. It may seem easier to find a romantic partner than it is to find a BFF… but imagine how awesome it is if your partner is also your BFF?!

It is very cliche when people say “I’m marrying my best friend” but here are reasons why it actually makes sense to pick a partner who is your best friend.

1. You can be your true self

You’ve seen each other dress sloppily, do dorky, grossest things yet still accept each other for who you are and find each other attractive. It doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to worry about being judged.

2. You share the same interests

There’s something that you guys can keep talking about and do together. That gives you more reasons to hang out and spend time having fun and at the same time enjoy each others’ company.

3. You know what each other likes

Overtime you can see pattern in their routine. They tend to order the same dish, go to the same restaurant, and pick the same designs. Getting each other gifts becomes easy – it doesn’t always have to be expensive jewelry because you know exactly the things that can get their eyes to sparkle.


4. You complete each others’ sentences

Or sometimes, you say the same thing at the same time then give each other a Hi-5.
You’re both on the same frequency. Could it be telepathy?

5. You can tell each other EVERYTHING

There’s basically no judgement. They are the first to know what happens in your everyday life. The highs and lows. Gossip and complain about an unpleasant event, rave about your latest obsession. The usual mundane happenings, to even the boring and disgusting bits. No topic under the sun that is that forbidden… telling each other that you’re checking out other hotties on the street is pretty normal because they can enjoy it too.


6. You’re both comfortable doing nothing together

It’s not mandatory to always go outside on an adventure. You can spend a lot of time hanging out, sleeping in doing nothing together and still feel you had fun! Lazing in at home watching Netflix in bed qualifies as having a good time together.

7. You laugh a lot together

You share the same sense of humour. You laugh at the same ridiculous jokes even when the rest of the world doesn’t laugh with you. You find each other hilarious and have a good time cracking jokes to make each other laugh.

8. You got each others’ back

They are there to listen to the details and comfort you when you need a shoulder to cry on. You can trust them to take care and support you, even when sometimes you feel you’re unable to do so yourself. You can count on them to give you advice knowing that they have your best interests at heart.

9. You hardly get angry at each other

When you know each others’ quirks and bad habits, it’s easier to understand why some things happen and you will soon realise it’s part of who they are and don’t get mad as often anymore.


10. You make up very quickly

If you both do fight, you’ll fight over trivial stuff like whether to order fast food for the fifth time this week and denying who ate the last cookie in the jar. When it comes to real arguments, you already know how to have a proper talk to thrash things out.

11. You like each other a lot

Because you love them. And you like them too.

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