10 Great Date Ideas for those warm summer days


The summer is upon us and this means great weather, sunshine and vacation! So what better than to move your dates outdoors? Here we have gathered some perfect date ideas for those warm summer days for you and your loved one to embark on.

1. Gaze at the Stars

Pack a picnic bag with some food and sweets and maybe a bottle of wine and head out for some star gazing at dusk. Download an app so you know what you are looking at, there are plenty of free ones both for iOS and Android. Discover the skies together and don’t forget to mark down those pretty stars you both enjoyed on LoveByte so you can make it a challenge to who will find them first next time you go out on a stargazing date!

2. Attend an outdoor concert

Especially during the summer and off rain season there’s a bunch of outdoor concerts and festivals around town. Check out when you have the next one in town and head over to listen to some great music and enjoy the outdoors.

3. Get Physical

Go out and go rollerblading, biking or try and learn new tricks on a skateboard. In a lot of cities or nature parks you can rent bikes or rollerblades if you don’t own your own. This date will get your sweat up and have some fun while looking at the sights, whether it’s in your own neighborhood or away.

4. Hit the Beach

This is a classic that can never go wrong. Whether you like to relax and just read a book at the beach snuggled close together or enjoy a more active beach day with surfing, paddling or playing beach volleyball, this date is always a perfect outdoor date. Go there during the day to catch the sun and relax or head out there at night for a late night stroll along the coastline when the beach is almost empty. Stay for the sunset for a more romantic setting and bring along some blankets and sweets. If you stay late, incorporate date idea number one, gaze at the stars!

5. Amusement Park

Handholding, cotton candy and all the fun rides. At an amusement park you can’t go wrong. Head to the funny mirrors room and snap some hilarious photos of yourselves posing in the mirrors, catch the most adrenaline filled rides you can find and play for prizes at the games.

6. Movie Night Out

Yes, we really mean go see a movie outside! Either find a park showing movies or your local drive in theater. If you can’t find neither or prefer to be more alone, pack up your own laptop, some blankets and snacks and head out to the beach or a park and watch a movie. Afterwards go for a stroll or stargaze and enjoy the time outside. Will be so much more special than that normal day sitting on the sofa watching a DVD.

7. Mini Golf

Go practice your put! Have a friendly competition of who can win at the local mini golf. It’s a great way to have some cheap fun and enjoy the outdoors. Head at dusk when the weather is cooler if you’re going in the summer, no point going mid-day when you’ll just be sweating away in the sun!

8. Go Sightseeing

Going sightseeing is something we always do when we are away, but at home we almost never do that, so why not take the opportunity! Go to your local tourist site or check out what lonely planet or Tripadvisor has to say and take a day out to stroll the neighborhoods of your home-town! Bring your camera and take your time noticing details and taking in the areas beauty. To take a more personal approach, why not go visit all the places where you grew up and take a touristic approach to it? Will surely bring you two a lot to talk about and be a great way to get to know each other better.

9. Dinner Outside

You have to eat anyway so why not take the cooking and dining out! Go to your nearby barbecue pit or have a barbecue in your own backyard. Enjoy cooking together outside and bring some chairs or blankets and just spend the night outdoors enjoy each others company cooking together.

10. Go Camping

Whether you go camping on your own balcony, backyard or actually head for the woods, this is a great outdoor date where you can spend the night stargazing, cuddling up together to keep warm and enjoying the outdoors together. If you head for your own balcony, just bring whatever you got at home, blankets, pillows, lights and make it as cozy as you can. You can build a fort using your chairs and pillows or just lay some madrases on the floor and bring pillows and blankets to make it cozier. Don’t forget some food and sweets for your adventure!

Which is your best Date Idea for the summer?

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