10 Fun and Silly things to do with your loved one

You don’t need to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy everytime for it to be considered spending quality time together (even though this is extremely romantic and fun too! ) The most important thing is to spend time and laugh together.

Do you still remember when you met and everything was exciting and fun?  Or when you were kids and ran around like crazy on the beach just laughing for no apparent reason? Let’s bring back some of that silly fun! Here we have gathered a few ideas that can give you some inspiration on having some of that fun again with your loved one, and to bring out the kid in both of you!


1. Play kids games. When was the last time you played hide and seek, charades or the Classic card game “Go fish”? Spice things up by adding a prize for the Winner, like a half an hour massage, romantic home cooked dinner or a luxury breakfast in bed!

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2. Video Games. Video games are a great way to have some fun together. Maybe you still have some old Classic mario games lying around or maybe you just bought the new dancing game for your gaming consol? Get together and compete against each other in one of these Classic and fun games! Why not add a prize for the Winner to make it more fun or compete against each other about some household chores like who has to do the laundry next time?

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3. A day on the beach. Remember all the things you did as kids? Running around care free, building sandcastles, eating some ice Cream, racing your friends into the water or down the beach, having water splash fights and just enjoying the time there. Why not do this with your loved one? Who said that you can’t run around the beach like a couple of crazy kids even as adults? It’s guaranteed fun and will definetly bring out the kid in both of you.

Picture from DailyMail.co.uk

Picture from Dailymail.co.uk

4. Build a fort and have a sleepover. Why not bring out your pyjamas, flashlights, make popcorn and bring other sweets and build a fort in your very own living room. Use whatever you have in the house and let your imagination run free, use the sofa cushions, sheets, pillows, chairs, whatever you can find to create your cozy castle for the evening. Spend the night in your fort just as you would have done as kids. Read to each together, play kids games, bring out those old comic books or watch a movie marathon together.

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5. Visit an amusement park. Go for an amusement park and make it a challenge to ride every ride at least once! Go for the games and try to win that 1st prize! Take funny pictures with the kids mascots, go for the scariest ride in the park and scream your lungs out and just laugh until you cry. Just enjoy yourselves and go a bit silly!

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6. Bake a cake. Bake something together and go all in on the design and look of the cakes. For example, make cupcakes and make as many variations as you can think of or find online. Buy frosting, sprinkles,cream, you name it and try not to make two cupcakes look the same!

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7. Have a water-gun fight. Acting like kids and having a watergun fight can really brighten up a hot summer day. Invest a few dollars in some cheap water-guns and go crazy with your loved one. Guaranteed fun and since it’s only water you are fighting with, you can’t really hurt each other by mistake! To make it more of a competition, fill the water guns with coloured water and wear some inexpensive clothing. Person with least amount of colour on their clothes wins a 30 minute massage…

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8. Take funny pictures together. Make faces, jump around, dance or do wierd and funny poses! Re-create poses from movies, such as zoolander, or dress up in matching retro outfits, make the ugliest faces you possibly can and just have fun! Use make-up, old clothes, anything you can find to make it even more fun :)

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9. Dance and sing together. Put on some funky hats and groovy sunglasses to get into the dance type mood and put some music on and dance like no one’s watching! If you don’t know how or still feel uncomfortable, why not try and learn a new dance together? There are tons of instructional videos on youtube! Just remember it’s just for fun…

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Picture from Pinterest

10. Pillow fight!  There’s no better way to release some energy and have fun while just staying in on a rainy day.

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