10 Different Kisses to Give Your Loved One

There are so many different ways of kissing and kisses you can give your loved one. Here we have gathered some of them so you can mix your kisses up to make it more fun and to keep it interesting.

1. The French Kiss

The French Kiss must be one of the most famous ones. This kiss is not just pressing your lips against each other but it’s all about opening the mouth and giving it some tongue action as well. As long as both think it’s fine, have fun and have a go!

2. Eskimo Kiss

The Eskimo Kiss is a kiss that doesn’t involve the lips at all. Just rub your noses gently against each other and enjoy the moment of your faces being close together.

3. Kiss on the Hand

To kiss your partner on the hand shows your affection in a different way and is more a sweet gesture that they care about you. It shows respect, politeness and devotion and is a great way to mix up those kisses by giving your loved one a kiss on the hand before you go for the lips…

4. The Teaser

Tease your partner about kissing them but always stay a bit out of reach, give them one or two quick kisses and then pull away leaving them wanting for more.. Just make sure to do it in a playful way so no feelings are hurt!

 5. Tasteful Kiss

Play around with tastes. Chew a gum, suck on ice, eat something that leaves a flavor in your mouth and go ahead and kiss french style. This will give your kisses some flavor and spice it up!

6. The Angel Kiss

The Angel kiss is a very sweet kiss and means kissing gently on the eyelids or on a spot near the eyes using the lips. This kiss indicates deep affection and is commonly used to wake your loved one up or to say good night or goodbye. 

7. The Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss is often seen as a comfort kiss and it does really convey the caring emotions you have for each other when kissing your Loved One on the forehead when they are upset, or when they are in a rush.

 8. The Light Biting Kiss

This kiss is a very playful kiss but be careful so you don’t end up hurting your loved one by mistake! When kissing, gently bite on the bottom lip when pulling away or gently bite their tongue whilst kissing french style. Some love this,others don’t so make sure your partner is in on it.

9. Butterfly Kisses

This kiss is made only with your eyelashes. Keep your faces close and give each other butterfly kisses by fluttering your eyelashes against them. It gives a sweet sensation and is a great pause for your make-out-session. 

10. The Surprise Kiss

It’s just what it sounds like. Sneak up on your partner, or give them a kiss when they least expect it. It can be a funny playful one where you grab their neck and kiss and bite lightly or you give them a passionate french kiss while they are doing their chores. Either way, as a surprise it will be different!

Which kiss is your favorite? Or does your partner have a special way of kissing you that you just love?

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