10 Date Ideas for a Rainy Day



Just because it’s raining doesn’t necessarily mean your date night needs to be cancelled or ruined just make sure to look at it positively and have fun!

When it is raining the general idea is to stay inside as much as possible. If you feel like going out, there are still places to go to, and if not, you can stay at home and have an amazing night anyway! Take advantage of the cozy rain and the possibility to spend the day focusing on each other in a calm and relaxed setting.

1. Play Board Games 

Bring out your old board games and have fun competing against each other! Definetly will bring out the child in you. Spice it up by adding prizes for the winner, such as a backrub or who gets to clean up after dinner.

2. Go to an Arcade

Go to an arcade and have fun trying all the games competing against each other. Definetly will be a day full of memories and laughter.

3. Watch YouTube videos all night.

Make some popcorn or buy some chips and cozy up in front of the computer and watch all the youtube videos you can find. Ask you friends and relatives for recomendations or just go through some of the most popular ones. Type in the craziest things you can imagine in the search field and see what comes up. This is guaranteed fun!

4. Have a question night. 

Pop down in the sofa with your favorite sweets and snuggle up and have a question night of Would you rather….. You will be amazed how much you learn about your partner in this easy and fun question game! Some examples: Would you rather have 100 000 real money, or 1 000 000 in Amazon Gift cards? Would you rather go back to the 1800’s and meet your ancestors, or to the future and meet your great grandchildren?

5. Go bowling or head down to the pool hall 

Going bowling or playing pool can be very fun on a rainy day, or on any day to be honest! Go competitive or teach each other how to play. This can be quite romantic and fun. If you aren’t that competitive, make up your own rules with different prizes for the winner. 

 6. Movie Marathon 

Choose a movie or a television serie and have a marathon watching them. Snuggle up on the sofa and order some food, pop some popcorn and make ice cream sundaes and just cozy up and have fun watching. Talk about your favorite characters and favorite scenes. Go by movie genre if yo can’t find any movie series you would like to watch. You can also go by the Oscars list to find inspiration.

7. Go to a museum

Take the opportunity and explore a nearby museum or an art show you did not even know was running, or go to that exhibition everyone is talking about. Enjoying a day at a local museum together is a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening discovering something new.

8. Go outside

Yes, it is raining, but if you feel you just can’t stay inside another rainy day, go outside and have fun instead! Put on your rain clothes and go jump in the puddles just as you did when you were kids, go for a walk or head down the beach and go swimming.

Just about do anything you want to and ignore the fact that it is raining. Enjoy it instead! The perks about a walk down the park or a swim down the beach on a rainy day is that you will most probably be alone, enjoying the otherwise crowded park all by yourself with your loved one.

9. Creative Art Night

Have a creative night and do DIY art or just paint and sketch together. Take turns sketching each other for example or create your very own Love Map. Get pens, paper and water colours and just have fun. Bring out a bottle of wine and sweets and just go creative! Make paintings to hang on the wall, create love coupons for each other, love cards for later occasions or gifts for friends and family.

10. Play Video Games 

Bring out your video games and have fun! Compete against each other in a racing game to the finish line or take turns playing single player games where you help each other out passing the levels. Spice it up by adding sweet prizes to the winner and just have fun!

Stay loving!
LoveByte Cupid <3